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In our times, you won’t be able to answer your needs and wants if you do not have a way of living. Most people rely on educational degrees before trying to work and have a stable income. There are however, people who were not fortunate enough to finish college and are on the verge of sustaining himself or his loved ones. There are jobs that do not require college graduates and I am going to dictate some of the best jobs you can try.

Call Center Customer Service Representative/Sales Representative

Call center agents - Job that does not require a degree
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What you will need: Patience, Good Communication Skills, and English Comprehension

Salary Range: Php18, 000 – Php40, 000

Why you should try: If you’re looking for the big deal, then you should go ahead and try working in a call center. Working in this industry is a very tedious and stressful job most especially because your clients will be foreigners.

There are centers however who accommodate local accounts such as Globe, Smart, PLDT, etc. These are the centers who talk to our own people, the Filipinos but of course, the salary range is not the same as to the international centers.

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A lot of people are undermining the skills of a call center agent which is wrong, being an agent is not just about picking the phone up and answering the call; go ahead and try so you know how it feels. Before, call centers do not accept undergraduates but they are now so give it a shot, who knows, this maybe where you’ll grow better as an individual and as a professional.

Online Tutor

Online Tutor

What you will need: Good Communication Skills (English), and Knowledge on the Subject

Salary Range: Php18, 000 – Php26, 000

Why you should try: Yearning for a less difficult job, meaning you won’t go through the hassle of preparing to go to work, the traffic, the stress for being late? Then you should go ahead and try this job. Aside from the fact that you’ll just be staying home, it is also a great way to enhance your skill in the English language.

Teaching is a very noble job most especially if it requires you to be the best you can be. Most of the clients or students you would be having are Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese people longing for the ability to be good, even better at the said language.


What you will need: Basic – Intermediate Computer Skills

Salary Range: Php18, 000 – Php22, 000

Why you should try it: Are you one of those people who are keen on sitting in front of the computer all day, then this probably is the best job for you. You can help a lot of people who don’t have the time to digitalize their papers and their work by doing the job for them. There are online jobs and office jobs for encoding or entering data and this is one reason why a lot of undergraduates learn this and put time to this.

Typing and knowledge of basic computer tricks is just what you need. If you type at least 60 words per minute (wpm) then this probably is the position for you. It also saves you a lot of time and effort if you choose to work this from home.

Events Coordinator

What you will need: Organization Characteristics, Time Pressure Skills, and Communication Skills

Salary Range: Php18, 000 – Php31, 000

Why you should try it: If you love going on events like weddings, baptisms, debuts, birthday parties, and other more events, then you should definitely consider this one. Although it doesn’t come so often, it really depends on the company you work for; it is a tiring but not-so-hard job that guarantees you a salary.

What coordinators do is that they are the ones taking charge during the event; they organize the program, they contact the suppliers (catering, emcees, photographers, etc.); they make sure that the event goes flawless and smooth, avoiding rough patches and disturbances.

If you’re lucky and hardworking, you yourself can establish your own events coordinating company and make yourself the boss. It’s really just a matter of effort and keeping important connections close to ace in this industry.


Jobs that do net require a degree - Photographer

What you will need: Skill in photography/video editing, reliable equipment

Salary Range: Php29, 000 – Php50, 000

Why you should try it: Who says that your hobby is just limited to that? You can turn your hobby into your profession and one great example is this – photography and video editing.

A great way to earn a big amount of money is by doing photography; you are not only enhancing your skills, you also get to do what you love and earn you a large sum. A lot of the photographers today, freelance and professional ones just started out posting photos on their social media, randomly taken by them; history happened then.

Put your skills and interests to work and make it your way of living. You don’t have to be very keen or very professional in editing, you just have to take great photos, you have to learn the basics and you’re all set; you’ll learn the rest when you start your journey.


Writer or Editor

What you will need: Writing skills, and Creativity

Salary Range: Php16, 000 – Php23, 000

Why you should try it: Your talent in writing and in noticing errors in literature should not just be wasted; you can use it to be your key in living and putting up with your expenses.

Writing is not really that hard if you’ve been on the subject for years, it takes a lot of reading, a lot of practice, and a lot of mistakes before you land on the best work you will have. There are writers in an office and there are writers online, you could just choose whether you want a more stable office job or if you want to have freedom from hassle, traffic, and evil bosses by working from the comfort of your own home.


Programmer or Developer

What you will need: Programming skills, Intermediate – Professional Knowledge in Computer

Salary Range: Php30, 000 – Php100, 000

Why you should try it: We are now on the age where almost all of us rely on technology to make our works easier. This is why you should focus more on the digital part than the physical part of many aspects in our lives.

Yes, programming or developing programs or applications is not an easy task. It may take you days, weeks, even months, before you come up with only one working, well-ought program, and that is just the start. There are a lot of programmers and developers working online because they really do not need physical interaction to get the job done.

Learn the basics first, and work your way through the top and be the one of the greatest and well-known programmers of your time.

There are a lot of jobs, good-paying jobs you can apply for. Most of them aren’t even requiring you to go outside your house to find an employer; most of the jobs you can land only require you to have a good-quality internet connection, and that’s it. Nobody was born good at something, of course we all have to start fresh, all of us became newbies, and all of us were beginners. It just depends on your will, your hunger to thrive for what you’re longing for.

Websites you can try to find most of the jobs here in this article: Kalibrr, 199jobs and Upwork formerly Odesk.

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