What is Google Adsense?


Google-AdsenseOne of the most popular advertising programs on the Internet is Google’s Adsense. Almost any website you open today has those ‘Ads by Google’ placed at the left or right or bottom of the page. Sometimes they are even bang in the centre. Every time you click on such an ad, that webmaster is paid a small amount  by the advertiser, through Google’s AdSense. Every day millions of dollars are being paid out on AdSense clicks through billions of page views. This makes Google’s AdSense the most popular Pay per Click (PPC) program in the world today.

The payment per click can range from a few cents to even ten or twenty dollars. Niche content relevant to certain specialized keywords can pay very highly. But merely setting up a website with these high paying keywords and placing AdSense ads on it isn’t going to work. The site has to contain information that is valuable to the reader. Only then will it generate enough traffic and genuine ad clicks. If you click on your own ads or ask your friends to deliberately click to benefit you, AdSense admin will knock off the ads from your webpage faster than you can say ‘click fraud’!

So it is wise to set up a website or blog based on a subject you like, which is also commercially viable – there have to be some advertisers who would like to place their ads on your pages. Adsense bots will scan your webpages everyday and then place ads relevant to your content.

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You can use blogger.com to set up a simple blog in three easy steps. Then read up on your subject and write original content. Make sure you mention the keywords relevant to your content. Then generate traffic to your website by emailing your blog link to your friends and ask them to pass it on. Place the link on your friends’ websites too and also take part in forums connected to your topic.

Use a traffic monitoring website like Sitemeter.com to check on how much page views and hits you get every day. Your AdSense account page will also tell you how many clicks have been made and how much you have earned. You can receive your payment by various methods as explained on your account page. AdSense also has good advice on how to place the ads for maximum profitability.

So get started with your blog or website and power it up with Google AdSense!

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