Time-Management Tips and Hacks From Pros That Could Change Your Life

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Every single one of us is busy. Whether it’s something personal, if it’s something we need for our jobs or for work, or for plainly leisure time, we all have our busy moments. But how do successful business leaders and owners manage their time to the extent that everything they do fits right perfectly? As a matter of fact, many successful people believe that correct management of time is the difference between failure and success. The Oracles, a group of successful entrepreneurs, gathered their insight on this and decided  to give us time-management tips and hacks that they’ve grown accustomed to.

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Plan your day when it is at its prime

Time management tips
Photo was taken from The Oracles through Entrepreneur.com

Natalie Ellis, CEO of Bossbabe, says that her brain health is everything for her when the idea of productivity is in context. As per her, this is where her starting point is. It’s a common notion to plan your whole day early in the morning when you wake up but that can actually mess up your entire thinking. So, according to Natalie, it’s best to make all important decisions when you  feel like it, not necessarily early in the morning.

BossBabe is currently the world’s largest internet community of independent and ambitious women with a six-figure monthly revenue.

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Work with other people with your priorities

According to Grant Cardone, sales expert who built a $750-million real estate empire, says that one of the most time-management tips is convincing people around him to agree on what his priorities are. Whether it’d be family, friends, colleagues, and relatives, he is full control of his time. He says that not being able to straighten this, everything will be in multiple directions.

I typically wake up before the sun and stay busy all day. Time is either invested or wasted; so I don’t like white space on my calendar. I make time for myself, my family and my business, to do things like writing my goals, working out, taking a walk with my kids, and leading calls and meetings. I’m not busy to be busy; I’m taking action to be productive and live the life of my dreams.”

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What are your priorities? Choose and identify one wisely

Thomas Le Maguer is a man of time and decisions. As a matter of fact, he said that every morning when he wakes up, he asks himself, “What’s the one thing I can do to move this forward? The one thing that would be most impactful, build long-term value, and make things easier?” As per him, these things are frequently not urgent, so he schedules them for some other time.

He continues by giving us a preview of his daily routine that from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., he focuses on marching his company forward. What’s inspiring is that he considers God to be the “one” thing in all areas of his life to be the top priority. Thomas, the founder and CEO of eRational Marketing and Integrity.one, reminds us that prayer should always be never forgotten.

Digital help could be of great impact

Scott Shainman, President of Getac North America, the company who strived to be the largest rugged tablet and laptop manufacturers in the world, reminds us that needing help from technology can actually be necessary. He says that a key in getting accurate help is through the use of a good calendar. He says that on a normal basis, he has over twenty (20) items to handle every day. However, his goal is to focus on each of them for them to be completed in the best ways possible.

With this, Scott reminds us that even the busiest of people actually need help from technological advancements as well.

Opportunities are different from operations

Are time-management tips and hacks really effective? Could they really be of big help to you? Well, Sharran Srivatsaa, CEO of Kingstone Lane and an angel investor, devised a way on how people can maximize their entire day. He said that every entrepreneur and CEO he mentored and worked with wished they had more time, he said. What they always tell them, however, is to inculcate his two-part system into their daily routines by separating opportunities from operations.

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In the mornings, he focuses on different opportunities like influence, sales, and growth. In the afternoons, on the other hand, he deals with the follow up, delight, and delivery. This way, he’s able to have a balanced blend of new opportunities for overall growth, while keeping his commitments at hand.

Delegate, and as much as possible, avoid micro-management


Multi-tasking, is of course a talent and a skill. However, it’s not actually the best thing to do if you’re trying to be successful with your business. Gail Cord Fischer, Executive Vice Chairman of Fischer & Company, a state-of-the-art real estate corporate firm which provides brokerage, consulting, and technology solutions, says that  delegating tasks took her far from whatever she was thinking about. She was able to learn to let go of the things that weren’t actually the best use of her time. According to Gail, mastering delegation is a game-changer.

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She also adds that if you’re in leadership, it is one of your responsibilities to help and make your people and employees grow. She advises everyone to not be afraid of delegating tasks; that people need to embrace it. For her, it’s one of the top time-management tips and hacks which helped her get where she is right now.

Look into activities which produce profit

Do you believe in “work-life balance?” If yes, then you need to forget about it. According to Billy Gene Shaw III, founder and CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing, successful entrepreneurs he met has either committed or dedicated their lives with their business. However, what they believe in, according to Shaw is “work-life integration” where your career is your life and your life is your work; and you enjoy it, you prosper.

One of the best time-management tips and hacks Shaw believes in is that he is particular on what his profit-producing activities (PPAs) are. As per him, he would usually distribute tasks and projects outside the area of his PPAs because of the lucrativeness of the opportunity cost.

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Were you able to learn a thing or two from these experienced and noble businessmen and businesswomen? Are you committed enough to do what they’re doing every single day? Do you think that it have what it takes for you to become as successful as them? Did these time-management tips and hacks enlighten you in any way? Hopefully, you somehow had an  idea on how you can maximize the time that you have.

Time is something that you can play with; although it’s constant and that it never stops, you can do something from your end in order for you to arrive at the result you’re eager to be in.

Source: The Oracles

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