Academic Courses that Yield the Most Successful People


Going to college can be more difficult than it seems; a new environment, new schedules, and staying at school until evening can be a bit of a hassle for everyone. The wide range of programs and courses you can take can be a load for you as well. But what are the courses that produced the most successful people?

Information Technology

Well, who wouldn’t be surprised? In this generation, technology taking over the entire globe; we use it for our entertainment, we use it to lessen the burden of our work, we use it to communicate with other people, and there’s many more you can do with it. Information Technology (IT), by definition is the use of any computers and other networking physical devices, infrastructure and processes to make, store and secure, and process all forms of electronic data.

IT - Academic Courses that Yield the Most Successful People

Although in the first year of working, you would not get as much as you would expect but after a few years, it is a guarantee that you are already making a fortune out of your education. Aside from having it as a job, your advanced knowledge in computers can enable you to create your own thing like a program, a device, an app, and other innovations you can think of.

 Salary (estimation, 1st year): Php18, 000 – Php22, 000

Why it is recommended: Obviously, gaining a ton of computer knowledge can get you from where you are now to anywhere you want to be. This is recommended because our age is all about technology, we use it for almost everything and that is why this one is highly recommended.

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There is always enough space for an infrastructure or an establishment and this is why engineering is always on the top. Not only because some say that it is one of the most difficult programs, it also is one of the most rewarding experiences because of the knowledge that has been passed to you and because you can make improvements in the built establishments today.

Engineering - Academic Courses that Yield the Most Successful People

Engineering does not only revolve on establishments and infrastructure, there’s also what we call Computer Engineering which enables you to be well educated at how a computer functions and how a computer is built. There is also what we call agricultural engineering which lets its students be knowledgeable and skillful in designing agricultural machinery and equipment; this can be the start of your journey to becoming one of the best engineers in your time.

Salary (estimation, 1st year): Php28, 000 – Php40, 000

Why it is recommended: Knowing how things function, how they’re built, and being skilled enough to establish one is clearly going to make you a fortune. One of the necessities in life is shelter and that is what most engineers do; civil engineers, electrical engineers, even oil and gas engineers, they are one of the most skilled and talented people in the planet.


Health is slowly becoming the focus of most people, even most countries, because they say that health is as precious as wealth. Being knowledgeable in the medical field would not only get you money, it will also enable you to be noble because of your ability to cure and heal the sick, provide medical mastery to people who need it, and you can teach people of your knowledge.

Medicine - Academic Courses that Yield the Most Successful People

It is a long and tedious course but it is a guarantee that all of your efforts would be rewarded. Excellence in the field not only lands you a high-paying job, you can also be given the right to teach about it, you’ll be known worldwide, and you will be honored for saving people from their illnesses, you can even save people from death.

Salary (estimation, 1st year): Php18, 000 – Php29, 000

Why it is recommended: The concern on health is slowly increasing, making medical people be demanded more in many areas in the entire world. Even though in the first few years, you would just be observing and learning, I can assure you that it would be the answer to all of your problems. Being a doctor is not just being a doctor, it gives you authority and respect because all will know what you’ve gone through.

Travel and Tourism

The Philippines is known to be one of the richest countries which has a bunch of natural resources in it. This is exactly one reason why tourists and foreigners always go on a vacation here in our country. It is also said that the Philippines is home to beautiful and alluring women in the world.

Travel and Tourism - Academic Courses that Yield the Most Successful People

Starting out your career in this field is always challenging because you won’t be earning as much as you would earn outside the country but don’t worry, after a few takes then you can go on and try your luck abroad.

Salary (estimation, 1st year): Php20, 000 – Php26, 000

Why it is recommended: We are a tourist spot and it is always pleasing to represent our country. After being somewhat like a local worker, you can try and take on airline companies abroad and just be dumbfounded of how much they offer.

Agriculture (Entrepreneurship Farming)

As we’ve said earlier, the Philippines is home to a lot of natural resources, crops, and other more forms of agriculture which is another reason why agriculture is one of the most recommended programs for students.

Agribusiness - Academic Courses that Yield the Most Successful People

Unlike most jobs, in the agricultural field, even if you’re just starting, you can earn a heck of a fortune because your job is to maintain the country’s FOOD and its export to other countries; it’s a nationwide business you’re handling and that only means that you should learn more to excel more.

The farmers are among the poorest yes but in the business side of it, this industry will be very fruitful and informative to a lot of people.

Salary (estimation, 1st year): Php80, 000 – Php150, 000 (in the near future)

Why it is recommended: As of today, it is still being processed because the leaders of our country are planning to focus more on the food industry (crops, goods, fruits, etc.). Maybe they want to make business out of it, or maybe they just want to change the stand of our country.

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