Money saving Tips: The 52-week money challenge


For some people, saving money is the last thing they want to do maybe because they are having a hard time controlling their urge to buy something for themselves or to eat or to go out for vacations. It is really acceptable and understandable because a lot of people sacrifice and work too much and they kind of treat eating, buying a lot of stuff, and going for a vacation like a reward for themselves after the sweat, tears, blood, and effort they have gone through. One small step to help you be a balanced financial magnate is by doing the 52-week money challenge.

What is the 52-week challenge money challenge?

The system is really simple. 52 weeks represent how many weeks we have in a year so this challenge or this money-saving idea will run for a year. It starts off by you saving Php50 at the end of the first week, then the second week you should save Php100 making your total Php150 for 2 weeks. During the end of the third week, you should save Php150. Right now you should get the idea. You start of by saving Php50 at the first week then you add Php50 the following week. It increases every week until you reach the maximum of saving Php2600 in a week.

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How can the 52-week challenge benefit you?

The 52-week challenge is not only for those people who are really striving in the financial world. It’s not just about you saving a couple of thousands at the end of the year; it is also for you to have the grounds of saving. It’s some kind of training for yourself to know your limitations when it comes to spending your money. By doing the 52-week challenge, you will be disciplined, you will have a lot of ideas with saving money, and you will slowly realize the importance of why you should know how to budget your money.

It is actually designed for people like us to develop a good habit of controlling ourselves as well as saving money gradually, practically, and sustainably. What we can derive from this can greatly affect our future as well as other people’s.

Systemize on your own, personalize the 52-week challenge                                  

The 52-week challenge is not stationary to the fact that the base is Php50; you can of course derive your own system. To make it a little more difficult, try having a base of Php100 or any amount. Try by computing for your income, take away a couple of percentages from it and have it gradually increase every month or so.

There are a lot of ways of saving money; the 52-week challenge is one of those ways that can greatly improve your attitude towards money and saving. Begin the adventure to being financially free by taking on the challenge. Who knows, maybe by doing this system, you can have an idea on how to plan out the future business you are wanting to have.

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