Top Universities and Colleges in the Philippines


They say that education is the best investment a person can make. This is because learning is the best way to get you what you want because the knowledge that you include in your arsenal can be best used for your future; your jobs, businesses, relationships with people, family, and many other more.

Attending school is probably one of the best gifts that a person can receive from whoever it may be. Although you can find a job without having a degree, it is important to go to school because you have that advantage and knowledge than those who were not able to. Here are the top universities and colleges in the Philippines:

Top universities and colleges in the Philippines

University of the Philippines

Arguably, this school yields the brightest and most serious students in the past years. Whether if we’re talking about the Diliman campus, the Los Banos campus, or even the Manila campus, it still bears the name U.P and it’s quite dumbfounding and thrilling at the same time. The Diliman Campus of U.P is known to be one of the biggest campuses in the Philippines, with a total land area of almost 430 hectares, we can clearly conclude that this school has a lot of students.

They offer a wide variety of academic programs to choose from. They offer over 246 undergraduate programs and 360 graduate degree programs, yes, there is a lot to choose from. A lot of people look up to this school because not all people who take the exam are fortunate enough to pass and attend their college here so feel very blessed if you have. To access the list of programs, click here.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php0 – Php22, 500
Tuition Fee per Annum:
Php0 – Php45, 000

 Ateneo De Manila University

Known to be the hub of the elites, the Ateneo De Manila University (ADMU) is home for the brainy, conyo, and athletic people. Located in Katipunan, Quezon City, it surely one of the best schools here in the Philippines. The course offerings of the school is broad and you can be assured that allowing you or your child study in this school is much of an opportunity; they offer programs in Humanities, Management, Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences. People really look up and admire students from this school. To access the list of programs, click here.

Notable people like Dr. Jose Rizal, Joseph Estrada, Kris Aquino, and many more were alumni of Ateneo de Manila University.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php55, 000 – Php65, 000
Tuition Fee per Annum:
Php110, 000 – Php130, 000

University of Sto. Tomas

This private Roman Catholic research university in Manila is home for some of the best students who are taking up undergraduate programs. It was founded on the 28th of April, 1611 by Miguel Benavides, the Archbishop of Manila and is known to have the most dilapidated extant in Asia.

The school offers a lot of programs from Arts, Economics, Business, Sciences, and many more. The comprehension of the university is what makes people look up to it; from the foundation to its stand today, it is truly one of the well-known schools here in our country. To access the list of programs, click here.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php46, 000 – Php56, 000
Tuition Fee per Annum
Php98, 000 – Php112, 000

Mapua Institute of Technology

Home of the best engineers and architects that walked this planet, Mapua is considered to be the training grounds of the most successful Engineers, Architects, and Internal – External designers we know of today. Located in Intramuros, Manila, it is arguably one of the most affordable but difficult schools that you can find and you can see why it is so difficult.

Although the most noticed program is about engineering, they offer a variety of programs including Chemistry studies and Electronics. It has a campus in Makati and they offer Information Technology and Business programs.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php30, 000 – Php40, 000
Tuition Fee per Annum
Php120, 000 – Php160, 000

Centro Escolar University

Located at Mendiola, Manila, it is considered to be the pillars of the Medicinal people. Centro Escolar University (CEU) is known to be the school of the most successful dentists, pharmacists, and nutritionists. It is also rumored that they hold the most number of attractive foreign people. Nevertheless, it is extremely noticeable because their focus is merely on the Medical and Nutritional field.

They have a separate campus in Makati, which offer over the same programs as what they have in both Manila and Malolos. To access the list of programs, click here.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php40, 000 – Php50, 000
Tuition Fee per Annum
Php80, 000 – Php100, 000

San Beda University

Home to the most successful lawyers and business managers of our time, San Beda College University is truly remarkable; located at Mendiola, Manila. They have also been consistent champions in NCAA in Basketball. The roots have sprouted; there are now SBC Colleges in Alabang, and in Rizal but they only accommodate up to high school (grade 10).

Aside from the pre-law courses, law courses, business management, its most known academic programs, they also offer a variety of choices that you could choose from like medicine (it was only recently). To access the list of programs, visit their website.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php60, 000 – Php88, 000
Tuition Fee per Annum
Php120, 000 – Php166, 000

University of Asia and the Pacific

UA&P is probably the least known school on this list and probably one of the most expensive nationwide. Like ADMU, it is home for the conyo, elite people. Its name was changed from Center for Research and Communication (CRC) to University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) in 1995.

This school focuses more on Business programs, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship programs. They also have Information Technology and Education courses. To access the list of programs, click here.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php90, 000 – Php140, 000
Tuition Fee per Annum
Php200, 000 – Php250, 000

De La Salle University

Unlike UA&P, a lot of people, almost everyone is aware of DLSU and its reputation. They offer a wide variety of programs and they are known to be one of the best schools that yield the most professionals. Although the tuition fees are not that cheap, this school is truly extravagant and nurturing.

They’ve also sprouted; there is now De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and De La Salle in Dasmarinas. The programs that the three schools offer do not differ much and the price range of the fees is also close to each other. To access the list of programs, click here.

Tuition Fee per semester: Php55, 000 – Php84, 000
Tuition Fee per Annum
Php110, 000 – Php220, 000

Aside from these, there are still a lot of noticeable schools here in our country. Always remember that the price does not reflect the personality or to simply put it, it does not matter what school you come from, in your own eyes if you see the best in you, go on and pursue your goal.

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