Things you can do on the internet when you’re bored

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A lot of times, people go over the same old thing they do every single day when they are connected to the internet. It could be going over social media, it could be reading news, stories, or blogs, or it can be video streaming of favorite shows, movies, and other stuff.

A lot of people do not tend to notice their dull and boring routines and live it for as long as they are breathing. Some notice this and go over the things they could do on the internet – here are some of those.

1. You can create a map if in case you need it for a project, a blog post, for directions, etc. Become your very own cartographer here on scribblemaps.

2. Want to create your own sound? You can actually become a house DJ for free by trying out Patatap. Patatap is a website that can help you create some sort of music by mixing different independent sounds together. Click here to access the website.

3. Feeling kind of productive? Head over to Coursera to learn a lot of courses for free. Yes, you heard it right; Coursera is kind of an online school which you can use in order for you to learn different things that can be learned in college. Read the 6 online places where you can study online.

4. Play games for free because there are thousands of free games online. You can Google those free game websites to kill time and to ease your boredom. These games won’t be able to run on your mobile phones but they can be accessed using laptops, PCs, or Macs.

5. Who says time travel isn’t possible? You can actually time-travel by using the wayback You can view files way back in time and experience them in real-time using this website. Go on historical virtual artifacts, documents, photos, and a lot more.

6. Is Photoshop too complicated for you? Go on at Pixlr where you can edit, enhance, and manipulate photos in just a jiffy. You can access the website and start doing what you intended to do there. Of course, it won’t be as detailed and as comprehensive as Photoshop but it can make differences. If you want to learn the basics of Photoshop you can refer to our Photoshop tutorial Archives.

7. Bored and want to do something productive and wise with your time? Find hotspots all over the world using WifiFreeSpot. You can track all places in the world that has wifi – who’s the leader now?

8. Yearning to learn a different language? Head over to DuoLingo and start learning the basics of a lot of languages. With a little bit of patience and a little drop of luck, you will be able to learn languages without you paying for lessons.

Here are few of the most interesting not common things that people can do over the internet. There are fun, educational, and plain interesting and you should try them now.

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