21 Home-based Business that Filipinos can do

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They say that being an employee for all your life can’t get you out of the debt cycle.  That’s why many Filipinos try to think of some kind of business for them to generate more income to add to what they are getting.  But if you hear the word “business” in general, you might think that this requires a lot of money, people, effort, and time. But no – there are businesses that Filipinos can do at the comfort of their own home with small capital.  Looking for those kinds of businesses?  Here is a list of small home-based business ideas you can start.

1. Barbecue Sale

Are you into cooking?  Try and sell barbecue of any kind.  It will be a hit especially now during the holidays.  Whether it’d be pork barbecue, chicken, hotdog, isaw, squid, and so on, people love it and they surely will buy it.

2. Mini-grocery

Have a grocery for your neighbors so they won’t go to long distances anymore when they get their groceries.  It’s just a bigger sari-sari store with a wider range of products.

3. Sari-Sari Store

Probably the most common small business idea in our country.  If you are alone in the area, then you would be selling things faster and better.

4. Blogging

People who love to share their experiences can proceed to this type of business.  You can start-up a blog and apply it to the market so they can have their ads posted on your blog.  The volume of readers determine the price of it. Read: How to create blog for free.

5. Writing

Have a passion in writing?  Then start-up your own writing business by getting high-volume projects and getting writers to work for you.  Freelance writing is one of the most common and the most effective home-based business. Read: Tips for writing effectively.

6. Tutor

Do you have the patience to teach people who are having trouble with their lessons?  Go and be a tutor and provide knowledge.  This is not just for kids but even for teenagers, college students, and adults as well.

7. Events coordination

Planning an event is not as complicated as it may sound.  You just need to have contact persons for catering services, photographers, florists, churches, events place, and many more.  You can start it by researching and joining online groups.

8. Web designing and development

Do you have the proper knowledge of creating programs or changing its functionalities?  You can create generalized software for a certain market and sell it online.  You can also get people to work for you and to contribute to the project.

9. Virtual assistant

Online platforms of businesses have moderators and maintenance people.  But some of those lack time because the workload is heavy.  This is where virtual assistants come in to play.  You and your friends can start this business and can offer your services to those who are in need.

10. Recruitment

Want to get partnerships from different corporations?  Start a recruitment firm now.  Of course at first, it’ll just be a small group and then you begin to expand.  Start it by referring or recruiting people to different companies of their industry.

11. Online English Tutor

You think you are well-versed with the English language?  Then be an online tutor for foreigners or even Filipinos online now.

12. Cellphone loading

Probably one of the easiest to get because you just have to buy credits from network providers.  You can sell it by adding a little extra to the load that your buyers will get. Read: Cellphone Loading business in the Philippines

13. Garage Sales

Do you have old unused clothes but are still manageable to wear?  Have garage sales and offer the best that you can.  Of course, the price won’t be the same as when you bought it but make sure to put a little bit of spice to it – especially if it is a great product.

14. Ukay-Ukay

Unlike garage sales, ukay-ukays sell their products in a low price.  But unlike garage sales, ukay-ukays sell new clothes too because they get their stocks from either overruns or surplus. Read: Business you can start under Php 10,000.

15. Computer Repair

Can you repair broken computers?  Or do you have the ability to diagnose the cause of the brokenness?  You can start by telling everyone you know that you do repairs and from then on, expand your reaches.

16. Proofreading/Editing

Have an eye for errors?  Then being a proofreader can be the best business for you.  Bloggers who do not have the luxury of time to edit their work can pass it on to helpers like proofreaders.

17. Life coach

Do you have the tranquility and the patience to talk to people who are in need of people to talk to?  Be a life coach and help other people and of course – get paid as well.

18. Buy and sell

Want to earn and be knowledgeable with the different products that you want to buy?  Enter the buy and sell business of shoes, cellphones, gadgets, houses, cars, even trips. Read: Buy and Sell ideas in the Philippines

19. Music teacher

Musically inclined people can have the opportunity to teach other people of their art and therefore, get paid.  A lot of us yearn to learn instruments because of it being a very nice skill.

20. Dance teacher

Are you a talented dancer?  Then you can go to people, groups, and even dance crews and offer your services.  You can be a choreographer, instructor, or a zumba instructor.

21. Bakery

Pastries, bread, and other sweets can be your top things to sell.  You just need to make sure that you work hard in both creating and selling your products. Read: How to start online bakery business

Aside from these, there are a lot more business ideas that you can pursue.  These are just the most common ones that you can see around.  Of course, the more unique it is, the better.  So do you have any business ideas you can share?

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