Tips and Tricks for Your Android Device

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Android has become a worldwide phenomenon and is now one of the most talked about in the world of tech and business. What makes this piece a strong and good one is its ability to connect freely with its users; unlike other operating systems which are a lot complicated and labyrinthine, android is user-friendly, affordable, and is a lot easier to understand.

Have you ever had magical workarounds in your android device? Were you aware that you can do this and that with it? If not, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I am going to reveal a few tips and tricks that you can try on your android device.

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Extend battery life

Now every android user needs this. We all are aware that the battery life of most smartphones is not as long as the Nile River because of its utilization; yes we use it a lot in fact, we use it to improve our daily lives’ task. Here is a simple trick that can somewhat prolong your device’s battery life.

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You first need to turn off Bluetooth, GPS (Settings > Location > switch off or tap Mode Battery Saving), and Sync for apps (Settings > Under Accounts, select which apps to stop syncing; it can be Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other chat apps that consumes most of your battery.

Next step is to go to Settings > Battery to see the apps that are using the most energy. Apps that require GPS are probably the ones responsible for this. Once you see it, tap the “force stop” to stop the app.

You can also lessen the brightness of your screen to the minimum. Also, turn off keyboard vibration and sound. Go to Settings > Language & input > gear icon next to keyboard that you are using > Preferences then unselect Sound on Keypress

There are many things that consume your battery life, be sure to know those for you to charge quickly, for you to extend the battery life, and for you to utilize the battery in more important cases.

Enable Developer Options

Ever wonder how developers look at the devices? Ever wondered how they usually use what they know for advantage over the phones, tablets, laptops, etc.? You can easily enable the developer options in your android device in Settings. No, you don’t need to pay for it, it’s totally free and you yourself can do it.

Tips for Android user - Developer Tools
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Go to Settings > About Phone > Build Number. Tap on Build Number a few times and it there should be a pop-up which says that you are a developer now. In this, you can see a lot like stats of your phone, Debugging, Hardware-accelerated rendering, and many more.

See what apps slow your phone down

After enabling the Developer Options, you can use it to check what apps use most of your phone’s battery. This one is also responsible for the slowing down of your phone; you can speed up your phone by quitting those app usages.

Go to Settings > Developer Options > Process Stats and there you will find the ranking of the apps which use most of your RAM.

Try out different launchers

You’re not one of the uniform-geek types are you? Try out different launchers to fully tailor fit the customizations you need and want the most. There are a lot of different launchers on the Play Store that you can try and test if those are the launchers that’s the best for you.

Tips and tricks for android - launcher
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Launchers would work great if you are one of those on-the-go users because launchers enable you to have everything you need on hand, right in front of you. They also have different outputs or layouts you could choose from. This can definitely customize your phone in the best way possible. There are also launchers which clear up the RAM easily by quitting the apps all at just one click. How’s that for uniformity?

Android has become one of the mega operating systems that everyone is excited to hear about. From the fast, early updates, to the best devices it has. Android certainly is one heck of an operating system and some consider this operating system as the best there is because of its user-friendliness, its capacity, and its accessibility. Cheers for all Android users!

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