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There are a lot of businesses you can start but what is the simplest and basic business you can enter than buying and selling? This has been a way of transaction centuries back and it is now being revived in a modern and fancy way. Do not mistake it, it is not as simple as it seems but compared to all other businesses, it is the mere foundation and training ground of making deals.

Why is it good in our country?

Our country, as most of us are unaware of, has been active consumers since the year 1999 and the retail industry is growing gradually. Taking it in a simpler boat, we know how much our countrymen love shopping; we all know how much we are keen on getting a hold of new stuff, right? That alone answers the question to why buy and sell is good in our land.

Buy and Sell Opportunities?

So we will now talk about the best opportunities or ideas that Filipinos can do buy and sell with. It does not matter if you are employed or not; people won’t ask for credentials like tax identification or company IDs but of course, you have to prove your own point and convince them that you are not a scammer. So what are the best ideas of buy and sell in our country?

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Mobile Phones & Tablets

Our market is flooded with a lot of brands unlike other countries who only know a brand or two. You can go dive in the market and look for affordable, high-technology brands with good and reliable specs. You can order from China and the price is a tenth of how much they are being sold here.

You can order in bulk to have a better price and you can start selling them here. The biggest problem about it is clearing it with the customs. An option would be hiring a customs broker to help you out.


Buying second-hand shoes are not a good-option because even though they are slightly used, they still are slightly worn out. One option is to be an authorized distributor by going directly to importers and buy in bulks. You should not worry about its authenticity because it is authentic and original and most of which can be found in either Hong Kong or China.


“Diamonds are a woman’s bestfriend.” Sophisticated women are always on the hunt for the most glamorous and the best jewelry at the best price possible. A destination to where hunters go is Baguio for their inexpensive authentic silver. China and Hong Kong is a place for fine jewelry and most of the big time sellers go there and buy them in bulk. Selling them here would make them a fortune.


Although cars depreciate its value in time, you can work around it because there is a market of people who buy used cars. One thing though; expect to spend money on repairs to ensure that the car will function properly. Cars with good resale value include: Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia where you can profit somewhere around Php100, 000 to Php300, 000 per unit when you decide to take on buying and selling cars – you just need to work your magic.

Real Estate

Probably the favorite entity to buy and sell, real estate increases value over time but it depends on the market. If you know your real estate market, it can make you rich in just a snap of a finger. Buying Real Estate requires you to have a good sum of money because lands aren’t that cheap. It is how the Ayalas made their fortune. Prices can go up to 50% in just 2-4 years depending on how well you know your market.

Some investors make plans on buying real estate properties and plan it out by selling it to a developer to have a condo or house rented to pay off the amortization. After a few years, they sell the property in the market or to the renter and make a fortune.

These are the best things you can consider by buying and selling. Of course, you should practice your skills and start at the bottom first, right? It is really not that difficult and it is really not that easy at the same time. We will teach you more about buy and sell in the coming articles. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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