Top Work From Home for Filipinos this 2020


If you are an employee of the Philippines then you most probably know that getting a job and maintaining it is not as easy as one-two-three.  From transportation to working hours, the traffic, well combining all of those can end up being chaos.  Which is why many Filipinos now seek for a job they can do while they are in the comfort of their own homes.  In this article, you will be enlightened to the top jobs that most of us can do while in our homes.


Now, these types of jobs depend on the type of project you are working on.  There are medical transcriptionists who require an individual to have somewhat a bit of a background in medicine but regular transcriptionists don’t.  Products of transcriptionists are commonly video files for clients for them to have documentation, audio files, interviews, commercials, etc.  The rates, of course, vary accordingly.

Salary: P13, 000 – P15, 000

Data Entry

If you know for a fact that you can type hastily without committing a lot of errors then a data entry job would be the perfect one for you.  Having this type of profession requires an individual to be keen and to be a high observer in accordance with detail and text.

Salary: P8, 000 – P15, 000

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Writing Gigs

Probably the most common gig that freelancers do is writing.  It can be a range of projects like blogs, articles, newsletters, etc.  There are college students who seek help from writers for them to be aided in their workload like research papers, case studies, etc.  However, there also are professionals like website owners, blog administrators, and other people who look for writers for them to be supplied with content.

Salary: P8, 000 – P18, 000

ESL Teacher/ Online English Tutor

If you reside in a place where noise is limited, if you own good-quality electronics, and if you have a good command and you’re comfortable enough in speaking and writing the language then being an online English tutor is the best type of online job for you.  You can do it freelance or you can apply in companies that can let you wok while you’re at home.  Having a higher educational background is an edge to getting into a company, even students and those who do not have a degree have lots of chances as well. Read: How to teach English Online

Salary: P20, 000 – P40, 000

Web developers

Technology is always continuously improving which is why the demand for talented digital artists and innovation producers is high.  If you know how to tweak, create, or change a program’s functionalities or if you can create one from scratch, then being a web developer is a great gig for you.  Although offers and the numbers would be less than the other jobs above, having even just one project is enough motivation for you to work harder in finding more and more clients.

Salary: P30, 000 – P70, 000

Everyone would love to have the privilege and the ability to work at home but of course, it is not an overnight success.  Even though it sounds easy and simple, being an online home-worker is not as easy as it seems.  You would have to crawl first before you can walk and by that, the sacrifice of effort and time would be a requirement.

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