How to Earn Money in the Philippines Using Legit Mobile Apps

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Surely, the pandemic has brought many people to lose their jobs which evidently leads to financial constraints. While others have their works intact, it is somehow insufficient to fulfill their needs and wants.

To be frank, earning money is never that easy. It takes time, effort, and luck to succeed. Our hunch is that, by now, you are surfing the internet to look for sites, apps, and any type of outlets to earn you a cash but to no avail since they are all scummy just like your fake friends.

Heads up! Although, these apps may not be your primary source of income, they will probably earn you a penny if you have nothing essential to do during your leisure time. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get down to the business and maximize the use of your Smartphones!

1. GCash

GCash is a virtual wallet that allows you to transfer and receive money, pay bills, buy items, and shop online. Apart from that, it’s a legitimate money-making app in the Philippines.

How to Earn in GCash?

Referral System – When someone you refer registers, is completely verified, and completes their first cash-in using the app, you can earn P50 in freebies. You can refer up to 25 people per month and earn an additional P1,250.

Savings – GSave, an in-app bank account feature developed by GCash in conjunction with Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB) Bank, allows you to build your savings in the app. The high yearly interest rate, which is now 2.6 percent, distinguishes it from other bank apps. It’s not a lot, but it’s a way to earn a few more dollars simply by saving your money in the app.

Investment – If you’re a novice investor, the GInvest function of GCash allows you to invest as little as P50 of your hard-earned money in professionally managed funds. If you’re a newbie investor, make sure to do your research before jumping in headlong.

Games – You can also earn real money by playing GCash games. Did you know that GCash hosts mobile game tournaments in which you may compete for thrilling prizes every time you reach the top of the leaderboard? This function may be found in Goama Games’ GLife section.

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2. is a mobile wallet that lets you send and receive money, buy products, pay bills, and even book flights and hotels. But what sets it apart is its status as one of the Philippines’ most popular bitcoin wallets.

How to Earn in

Cryptocurrency Trading – Cryptocurrencies, often known as crypto, are digital assets that operate on a decentralized basis. Even without a bank account, provides a platform for buying, selling, and storing crypto. You may buy crypto for as little as P5 and sell it for bigger returns. Just remember that crypto trading is a high-risk investment, so do your research before jumping in.

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Loyalty Points – features a Coins Rewards Program where you can earn loyalty points by purchasing mobile load and entertainment credits. Although, loyalty points cannot be exchanged for cash, they may be used to purchase vouchers from merchants such as Shopee, Lazada, Puregold, and etc.

3. Kumu

Kumu is another legitimate way to make money in the Philippines. It’s a livestreaming app that connects Filipinos all over the world. Its appeal originates from the fact that it’s a place where individuals can be honest and raw while having a good time.

How to Earn in Kumu?

Be a Live streamer – Becoming a content creator or streamer is the most effective strategy to increase your profits in Kumu. To establish your own broadcast station, all you need is a smartphone with a camera.

As long as you stay wholesome throughout, there’s no limit to what you may do as a streamer. You can provide your opinion on various themes, demonstrate your various abilities such as singing, cooking, and so on, support sponsored products while hosting your own variety show, or even sell your old stuff such as preloved clothes and other used items through live selling or auctions.

When viewers offer you virtual presents with a diamond equivalent, you earn through the app. Diamonds are an in-app currency that can be exchanged for real money in Kumu. When you reach the minimum cash-out balance of 50,000 diamonds, which is equivalent to P750, you can swap your diamonds. As your status or badge type improves, your conversion rate rises.

Participate in Quiz Shows

If you don’t want to become a live broadcaster, you can earn money on Kumu by participating in quiz programs such as ‘Quiz Mo Ko,’ the app’s main trivia game show.

Winners will receive cash rewards, so brush up on your random knowledge about anything Pinoy-related before entering. Prizes vary depending on the game, but a P1 million payout for the winner is not unheard of in the app and has been done several times. The cash prizes are distributed equally among the winners.

4. Buzzbreak

How to Earn in Buzzbreak?

Buzzbreak rewards you for reading news articles, watching videos, browsing memes, playing games, making referrals, and completing surveys.

Each action you complete on the platform gives you points that are converted into pesos. Conversions of points and pesos vary, but the minimum payout via GCash is P1.

But expect a low chance of cashing out. Consider it like feeding two birds with one scone: you earn a little money while learning about the newest trends and doing activities that interest you.

5. SnippetMedia

How to Earn in SnippetMedia?

SnippetMedia rewards you with ‘Kachings,’ the app’s virtual currency, for every piece of material you read, view, or share. Kachings can be spent at the SnippetMall, which includes partner retailers such as Grab, Zalora, Garena, Honestbee, and others.

6. Trash Cash

How to Earn in Trash Cash?

Trash Cash is a waste separation program that allows you to earn money by sorting recyclables. Artificial intelligence, primarily machine learning technology, powers it, allowing it to distinguish various plastic materials.

You scan your trash using the app, and then you’ll be directed to the nearest collection center to drop off your clean and dry recyclables. Your transaction will then be confirmed before being awarded with points to your account. Your points can be used for rewards at the app’s partner retailers and eateries.

The app’s three objectives are to raise environmental awareness, educate communities about proper waste management, and engage people in recycling initiatives, as well as to prevent plastic from reaching our oceans.

Technical challenges are unavoidable because the Trash Cash app is still in its early stages. The platform, on the other hand, is always being upgraded in order to better serve users and the environment.

7. Carousell/Lazada/Shopee

How to Earn in Carousell, Lazada, Shopee?

If you have any unused stuff hanging around your house, you can sell them using your smartphone on online selling platforms. You can sell practically anything online, including unused clothing, ancient gaming consoles, legacy phones, and prehistoric electronics, as well as appliances, vehicles, and even real estate. While you’re at it, start an online buy and sell business.

Selling items on the internet has long been a popular way to make money online. It’s also a lot easier now, thanks to smartphones. You can use the Facebook app to post products on the Marketplace, or the Carousell app to create a seller profile.

Alternatively, you may easily register as an online seller on Lazada or Shopee’s respective apps.

8. Globe/Smart Load Business

How to Earn in Load Business?

Set up a loading business with your phone to make money. A loading business is nearly a definite way to create profit now that almost every phone wants internet data. Your friends and coworkers will no longer need to go to retailers to recharge their valuable data. They only have to get in touch with you and pay you! It’s one of the simplest ways to generate money using your phone.

9. Transport Booking

How to Earn Money in Transport Booking?

For those with cars, becoming a TNVS driver or operator is another way to make money online using your smartphone. You will, without a doubt, have to complete some papers. However, once you’ve started driving your new TNVS vehicle, you’ll find that getting passengers is as simple as a few swipes.

You can even offer to carpool with your friends and colleagues for a regular cost if you don’t want to jump through all those hoops. This manner, you can make a passive income without having to rely on outsiders.

If you don’t have enough pals to carpool with, you may always join online carpool groups and volunteer your services to people in need of a ride.

10. UpWork

How to Earn in UpWork?

Smartphones have robust specs that allow them to perform most tasks while on the go. So, instead of wasting your free time watching K-drama scenes for the nth time, use an online program to get freelance work.

Download the UpWork app to search for online outsourced jobs from all over the world. Then you may use your phone to do things like writing, mobile programming, and other administrative activities.

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11. YouTube

How to Earn in YouTube?

Anyone can easily become a filmmaker thanks to cellphones’ excellent cameras. Start your own YouTube channel to take use of the technology.

You may quickly video performances, tutorials, sketches, and short films with your smartphone. You can film just much anything as long as it’s entertaining, educational, and family-friendly.

This isn’t only a creative outlet; it’s also an opportunity to learn how to make money online through your channel’s advertising revenue. More views equal more subscribers, and more subscribers equals more advertisements on your videos.

Gain a following, and marketers will trust you enough to sponsor your videos, allowing you to earn more money.

Join the vlogging phenomenon in the Philippines by filming yourself doing various things if you’re more comfortable in your own skin and don’t mind filming personality-based video.

For every 1,000 views on YouTube, vloggers earn between P12.82 and P200. You can also experiment with new platforms, such as Facebook Live, to gain a larger online following.

Travel and event vlogs aren’t the only types of vlogs. It might be as simple as talking to your audience while holding your smartphone up to your face. You can discuss your personal life, pop culture, politics, and other topics. You can also allow viewers to ask questions in order to have a deeper conversation with them. If you gain enough followers, you’ll start receiving sponsorship offers from various advertisers across the country.

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12. Mobile Legends

How to Earn in Mobile Legends?

Who knew that playing an online game on your smartphone, such as Mobile Legends, could be a means to make money online? You better believe it since, as of this writing, Mobile Legends is the country’s first officially recognized esports game. It was even an official athletic event at the 2019 SEA Games.

You can also learn how to profit from social media. You can obtain access to the benefits of becoming an influencer by building a significant following across all social media platforms. Being an influencer is a dream job, with perks like free swag and the potential to earn up to PHP 50,000 simply writing about an event.

But be forewarned: becoming an influencer isn’t without its drawbacks. You must continue to publish high-quality social media postings in order to gain more followers. Working hard and having solid networking abilities are also required to be a thought leader on social media. Also, don’t think you have a right to the free services you’re receiving. Respect the people and brands with whom you’ll collaborate after you’re famous.

There you go! Make the most out of your Smartphones and start earning using the legit aforementioned money-making mobile apps.

They are not too high-income channels, yet, a very ideal way to earn money without leaving your premises especially this time of pandemic. Happy earnings!

Source: MoneyMax

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