What are the things you need to think about before migrating?


It is every Filipino’s dream to move to a place where it is far from crime, bad weather, low income, and yes the traffic of course.  Many, if not all yearn to relocate to a foreign country and start brand new lives there – to start families there.  But of course, you need to be prepared in doing so.  What are the things that everyone needs to think about before actually moving from one country to another?

The Language

Many people disregard the language as one of the most important factors in migrating to a certain region.  If you plan on migrating to a country where English is the medium language used and you know for a fact that you can speak the language, then no problems for you.  But what if you plan on moving to a country where not everyone can speak English?  This is where learning a new language takes place.  Take note that languages are not as easy as you think, it may sound simple but it can be one of the most difficult adjustments as well.

The Cost of Living

Of course, you also need to reassure that you are capable of sustaining yourself once you move or travel from one place to another.  Food, transportation, your shelter, and utilities all fall under this category.  How are you going to live properly if you aren’t aware of the expenses, right?  You might become broke or you might be bankrupt and we do not want that to happen would we?  So you better do your research before actually jumping in to the fact of migration.

Job and Education

Well, money is not something that is just given to you and money is the thing that you need in order to maintain you as a person, correct?  So you have to consider the “in-demand” jobs and professions of the country you are looking at.  Of course, you need to make sure that what you will do can earn you more than your job here in our country.  Education on the other hand is also a big factor and why?  Because there will come a time where you would seek another knowledge for you to be employed in a certain industry – because it pays well.  And of course when you plan to start a family, you would have to send them to school – this is why you need education planned as well.

The Community

No one wants to be a cast out, correct?  Which is why you need to blend in with the people.  You need to make friends, you need to meet new people.  You cannot just be alone all the way because life would be extremely difficult; you need to be open in absorbing new cultures.  You need to learn how to get along with the people who resides in that country.


Imagine traveling or moving to a place where you don’t know when you can become a resident of that place; you would forever be a tourist, right?  And if that’s the case, then you won’t be able to enjoy your stay since there are things you cannot do if you’re “just” a tourist.  This is where countries which require visas from Philippine-passport holders come in to play.  Study and make thorough research on how you can become a resident of that country so you won’t have a hard time with the immigration to grant you residency.

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Your Health

Safety and health is of course everyone’s concern; if not, then you should because being unhealthy can definitely strike a bad hat out of your shell.  You’re far away from home and you do not have your family to take care of you so being healthy should be your priority.  Consider the health care and your safety to ensure that you will function in the best ways that you can.

Obviously, the world is a big place and not every place is the same.  Some places might give you culture shock because what we do here in the Philippines is different from what they do.  Some can enlighten you and give you a better perspective of life; it can make or break you in simpler terms.  The point is, you need to investigate and to study the place you are rooting for before actually proceeding to transfer to that place.  Yes, it is good to take risks but what’s bad is jumping to the pool without actually knowing if the water is hot or cold.

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