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When you drive with Uber you will bring in great money and earn as much as you want.  The best thing about Uber is the ability to make a decent wage on your own schedule.  How?  Thanks to the modern phenomenon of the Internet, a swing of disruptive technologies have completely reformed the whole industries over the last decade. The innovation of the mobile applications has began to adjust the way humans do everything else, from working to shopping to travelling and more.

Now, we should be grateful to another technology called Uber because just a snap on your mobile phone it can give you a private car service.  Drivers will paid weekly for the rides and fares get automatically deposited on their bank account. The more you drive, the more you’ll make. It’s like driving whenever you want, wherever you want.

Be your own boss. Only drive when it works for you. No office, no boss. You can always start and stop on your time.

How to sign up? How to become an Uber Partner? One can become an Uber partner if you are 21 years or older and if you consent to pass a screening. Visit their site https:/ and begin signing up don’t forget to choose the city you want to drive in.

STEP 1: Create Partner Profile

Select your vehicle type and Uber partner type:

Vehicle types:

UberX – the low cost Uber

  • Car types: Sedan and AUV (e.g. Vios, Innova, Adventure, etc)
  • Minimum Fare: Php60
  • Base Fare: Php40
  • Per Minute Rate: Php2/min
  • Per Kilometer Rate: Php 5.7/km

Uber Black – the original Uber

  • Car types: Sedan and AUV (e.g. Fortuner, Montero Sport, Everest, Grandia, etc)
  • Minimum Fare: Php120
  • Base Fare: Php90
  • Per Minute Rate: Php2.10/min
  • Per Kilometer Rate: Php 12.92/km

Partner Account Types: If you will drive your own registered car, select Partner-Driver. If you are a car owner with hired driver/s select Partner-Operator.

STEP 2:  Register your banking details

Make sure that the banking details you provide are correct because this is where Uber will deposit the fares from your trips; payouts are released every week.  Uber can be credit or cash transaction.

STEP 3: Enroll a Driver

Driver Name, Cellphone Number, Email Address, Username and Password are needed.

Requirements per driver:

You can add several drivers to your vehicle and  you as Operator can drive as well.  Each driver must have a unique email address and password.

STEP 4: Enroll a Vehicle

Indicate the details about your vehicle: model, make, year, color of interior and exterior. Upload the following documents:

  • Proof of Vehicle Registration: OR and CR. (If not yet released, you can upload Sales Invoice)
  • Proof of Insurance: Comprehensive or TPL
  • Four (4) Pictures of your vehicle: Front External View, Rear External View, Inside View Dashboard Console, and Inside View Backseat.
  • PAMI Insurance: Uber will process this for you.
  • Provisional Authority/ Certificate of Public Convenience.

Make sure the documents are all valid  and vehicle should be not older than 3 years from year of application. You can add multiple vehicles in your account.

STEP 5: Driver On-Boarding / Orientation

Once you’ve completed the requirements, you can go to any Uber’s Office for Orientation and Onboarding.

STEP 6: Download the Uber Partner App

After submitting all the required documents, you may download the Uber Partner App in your device. Once you login to the Uber Partner App, you can go online and start accepting requests immediately.

This is how Uber calculates your fare:

Fare = [Base Fare + (Time x Per Min Rate) + (distance x Per Distance Rate)] x Surge

Uber has surge pricing. This is when the normal fares surges by the multiplier based on the demand for Uber service. For example, if the surge pricing is 2.0x the normal fare, then your total fare is doubled. Some riders wait for the surge to pass before they go ahead and book for an Uber ride.

Uber cars are considered replacement for taxis. Basically, it is an internet-based company that connects drivers and riders. Unlike taxi service, it allows drivers to use their own cars and the experience on the  customer end is different as well. There’s no need for the customer to stand on the street waiting for the taxi because you just have to request from your mobile’s Uber App, then an Uber drivers along the area are notified, who will then offer to provide a ride and driver will earn cash at the same time.

As for Uber drivers, they notify their availability through the mobile app. If you’re feeling bored to death, then turn your app on but if you’re sick of driving, turn your app off.

The main things you need to get started with uber are a smartphone and a newish four-door car at least a 4 year old car or younger.  Uber requires a car inspection when you apply as an Uber partner. Uber always ensure their drivers have safe driving history and clean when it comes to criminal offenses. Application can be processed online.

Uber has also implemented a scoring system that lets users rate their experience in their rides and leave a feedback. In this case, Uber drivers must receive good marks. Passengers will rate drivers on a scale of 1 to 5 and must maintain an average of 4.0 on all of their reviews. This is one way to remove bad drivers. On the other hand, drivers will also rate their passengers on a scale of 1 to 5, because there are also rude passengers who will come across and passengers with complaints get barred from the service.

The worst part about driving for Uber are the partygoers, so drivers should be ready always – keep vomit bags for intoxicated people that you are transporting. Uber drivers must also consider personal safety because you are allowing strangers to get in to your car.

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