Common abbreviation

Most Common Abbreviations and its meaning

In today’s generation, it is not peculiar for one to utilize abbreviations or “shortcuts” to the most common terms... Read more
Great Apps to Help Boost Your Real Estate Sales

Great Apps to Help Boost Your Real Estate Sales

More than reading about the details of the house, what property buyers look at are its photos to see... Read more
Unused computer parts

Old and Unused Computer Parts: What to do with them?

With the start of the booming of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, people started to neglect and to disregard its... Read more
Best note-taking app

Best Note-Taking Apps for People Who are Fond of Taking Notes

This goes to all sorts of people who may be studying, working, or those who just presumptuously love taking... Read more
Bluetooth Myths

Bluetooth Myths That Turn Out to be False

Bluetooth has been with us even before our high-tech smartphones came and it was used to pass on information... Read more
What to do with the Old laptop

Things you can do with your old laptop

With the fast approaching new and advanced technologies, we cannot resist to be a part of it. From smartphones,... Read more
Technology in the Future

What can technology look like in the future?

With the rapid growing and improvements in technology, it’s not difficult to assume that it can look like unrealistic... Read more
5 Programs every college student must have

5 Programs every college student must have

They say that education is the best investment and that it is your only weapon in life. Yes, it... Read more
Network Security

How important is Network Security?

Oftentimes, Filipinos fail to compare what is happening in reality to the activities and pursuits that occur in the... Read more
Mobile games that does not require internet

Mobile games you can play even without Wi-Fi

Almost all great smartphone games require wi-fi; one reason is because it downloads from its server, another is because... Read more

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