How to Pay Meralco Bills Online


One of the advantages of having an online banking account is paying your utility bills online, you don’t need to visit the office or go outside and fall in line to the long queue just to pay your bills.

You can pay while in front of your computer. In my previous articles I already write guides how to pay smart internet bill, transfer funds to another bank account, funding COL Financial investment, paying airline ticket and even loading your phone.

All of these instructions use one online banking account the BDO Online banking, if you still registered on the BDO online banking you can use my instructions how to register.

This article will teach you how to pay Meralco Bill online using BDO online Banking. Follow the steps given.

How to Pay Meralco Bills Online

Assuming that you have your Bill in hand (you can also subscribe to paperless Meralco bill by registering your account to their website) and have a BDO Online Banking account.

Step 1. Log in to your BDO Online banking account, then add Meralco in the Company/Biller, click on the “Add Company/Biller” icon found in “My Quick Links”How to Pay Meralco Bill Online step 1

Step 2. Add your Meralco account. In the subscriber number field enter the first 11 digits of your ATM/Phone Reference Number. This is indicated at the bottom portion of your bill. Enter the subscriber name or the Meralco account holder, then your preferred nickname. Double check and click submit if you’re done.How to Pay Meralco Bills Online

Step 3. Now that you have finished adding Meralco in the Company/Biller, you can pay your bill easily next time. To pay your bill, select “Pay Bills” icon in “My Quick Links”.How to Pay Meralco Bill Online step 3

Step 4. In the Pay Bills Page, select Meralco in the “Pay this Company/Biller” field, enter the amount that appears in the bill, then remarks. Double check and click submit.How to Pay Meralco Bill Online step 4

You’re done, you have now successfully paid your Meralco bill using BDO Online Banking. If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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