How can Programming make you rich?


Bill Gates? Steve Jobs? Mark Zuckerberg? These are the people that we all know when programming is the issue. With them, the guys who built Google, Youtube, and any other popular site did not become filthy rich because they made incredible software; they got rich because they sold it to companies that became the proprietor of driving it. Knowing all of these people, it is clear to say that programming can hand you a bit of a fortune. How exactly?

What is programming

To make the story short, programming alone would not make you rich. You see guys like I mentioned above? They became rich because of vision; they became rich because of the drive, their want, their thirst to spread what they have made to the whole world. But what is programming?

Simply put, programming is the process or study of taking an algorithm to encode it into a programming language. It is what every digital thing is made of and is certainly universal. Programmers are the people who program and the very first step that programmers do is to find an algorithm because without it, there will be no computer program.

Why is it important or in-demand?

We all know that technology now makes up almost everything from businesses, jobs, school, and even a normal person’s life. Obviously, it is important because without it, we would not be seeing everything here in this blog, without it you would not be seeing the internet, you won’t be able to connect to other people, companies, and you won’t have knowledge as to what you have known because of the internet.

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It is in demand because one of the best businesses that circulate the world now is technological and programmers are the ones responsible in automating tasks, creating intelligent machines, and by connecting almost everyone from one vantage point.

How can it make you rich?

As I have said earlier, programmers do not make money by simply making software, by building new engines, and machines. They actually become rich because they are two steps ahead; it is their goal to sell what they have made to people all around the world in order to benefit the needs and the necessities of people.

Nowadays, technology is being linked to almost everything you can think of; communication, relationships, jobs, businesses, health, and even ways of living. This is one good reason how it can make you rich. You just have to think of infinite ways on how you have to sell, on what people need in order to make their lives easier and better.

Where can I study programming here in the Philippines?

Although there are schools that offer mastery in information technology, there are schools that offer limited knowledge and information about the said course. Different schools offer different ways of teaching and according to statistics, AMA University, University of the East, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, and Mapua Institute of Technology are known the be the best schools that offer excellent Information Technology courses.

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There are online school courses you can take as well. In a previous article about education online, there you will see a lot of courses that refer to information technology.

So now you know what information technology is and how it can make you money. It is now up to you on how this specific course will benefit you and the people around you. Technology is power and Filipinos like us are capable of handling that kind of power and because we are known to be one of the most hospitable and most diligent people, we sure should step forward into grabbing opportunities that can change the world for good.

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