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Nowadays, online shopping is replacing the old-school trend of going to malls and stores to buy apparel and other things.   But in order to do that, you need to grab a hold of at least one credit card, right? But that would not be ideal because there are some people who lack the required paper work and requirements so they would have a hard time getting even one credit card. Smart eMoney innovated in ways in order to get a VISA card without going all through the harsh and struggling requirements and we are introduced to – PayMaya.

What is PayMaya?

PayMaya is a free app that allows you to shop online at stores that accept PayMaya or VISA. It is considered to be “the instant virtual VISA.” You can use your PayMaya card to shop even offline because aside from the app, you can also avail a card to swipe in place of a VISA card you just can’t have.

It was introduced to us last August and it is being used by a lot of Filipinos nationwide for online shopping. It is a mobile based app so it does not require a certain telecommunications provider.

A Physical and a Virtual card?

Yes, PayMaya supports both a physical and an online card but most people prefer having it online because ordering a PayMaya card takes 5-7 business days within the Metro and around 7-10 days for provincial areas.

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Both the online card and the physical card can be “topped up” or loaded. Right now, PayMaya accounts to more than 15, 000 establishments nationwide including all 7-Eleven Convenience stores, Robinsons Mall Business Centers, Smart Padala Centers, and SM Malls Business Centers.

How do I activate my reloadable virtual Visa Card?

  • Click “Link” to activate your PayMaya Visa Card
  • Duly accomplish the needed fields for your details and information
  • Tap “Activate” and then you will now see your card number and expiry date.

How do I activate my physical card? (iOS)

  • “More” and then select “My Cards”
  • “Link” to activate your PayMaya VISA card
  • Fill out the required details and tap “Activate”

For Android users

  • Tap the three-horizontal line on the upper left corner and then select “My Cards”
  • “Link” to activate your PayMaya VISA card
  • Fill out the required details and tap “Activate

How do I reload?

For Robinson’s, SM, and selected Smart Padala stores:

Prepare your mobile number and a valid ID and provide the amount you want to load. In order for the load up to be confirmed, there will be an SMS notification that an amount was loaded to your account. If you have access to the internet, you should see a balance change in your app or/and an update on your activity list. If it fails, go back to the person you talked to and you can ask them to:

  • Try again or
  • Ask for reimbursement and load up at a different loading center

From Smart Money Account to PayMaya

Go to Smart Sim Menu > Transfers > Others. Enter the 8877+ mobile number of the PayMaya load up recipient. Enter the amount, your WPIN, and then select Send. Take note that there is a .5% charge for customers who deal with Smart Padala to PayMaya transactions.

For 7-Eleven Cliqq Machines

Select “E-MONEY” and then “PayMaya Cash-In.” Enter your mobile number and the amount you wish.   Pay the counter and get the receipt. If it fails, go back to the cashier and you can ask them to:

  • Try again or
  • Ask for reimbursement and load up at a different loading center

For BDO Online/mobile banking

Log in to your mobile bank account and then select Financial Services > Bills Payment > Pay Bills. For Pay this Company/Biller: PAYMAYA. Enter the recipient’s mobile number with this format (639XXXXXXXXX). For the name, enter the subscriber’s name and then submit. Take note that the funds will not be credited real-time since the transaction is processed through bank.

  • Load-ups made between 9:00 AM – 9:59 PM, the credit to your PayMaya account will be within 2 hours.
  • Load-ups made outside the hours above, the credit to your PayMaya account will be within 24-48 hours.

Aside from the online shopping and transactions, PayMaya users can also use it as a “beep” card for LRT and MRT purposes so it is one hell of a multi-purpose card. The funds for the beep card and for online shopping are loaded up differently. To load for the beep, visit the ticket vending machine at the LRT/MRT and put in the cash amount. You’ll get a physical receipt of your beep load-up.

Before, we liked to think that getting a credit card would be too much of a favor but with this right inside our pockets, we can transact and shop easily without getting a credit card.

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