How to Add Place in Google Map

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Google enables its users to add the place they know that are not found in google maps, anybody who has a google account can add a place, roads, railways, river, buildings, lakes, parks and more. A very smart move from google to let their user add their place which has more knowledge about what’s in their neighborhood.

In this post, you will know how to add a missing place in google map by following the simple steps given below.

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Using Desktop Browser

  1.  First, go to
  2. Click on the menu icon locates at the upper left corner of the screen and scroll down to the bottom and click “Add a missing place”Add-Place-in-Google-Map-Desktop
  3. Sign in using your Google credentials when prompted to sign in
  4. Complete the details on the place that you want to addAdd-Place-in-Google-Map-Desktop
  5. Click send when finished

Using Mobile Devices

Using mobile devices to add a place on Google Maps is easy. Using the Google Maps app you can easily add a missing place. You can follow the screenshot to add a place, the device used to take the screenshot is Android device.


NOTE: Google needs to review the place that you add and it takes some time to appear the place on google map, especially if your first time to add a place.

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