Requirements and Procedure For The Replacement Of A Lost or Damage Passport

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The last thing you want to happen while traveling is to lose your passport. Although sometimes it’s inevitable, you will scratch your head if it occurs. You don’t have to worry if you lose it because you can easily replace it. However, that doesn’t mean you can always lose it. Why? Not only because it’s a bit of a hassle but it also incurs a lot of fees. In this article, we will provide the requirements and the procedure in replacing your passport if in case you lose it.

First, to give you a heads up, the procedure in applying for a lost/stolen passport is the same with applying for a new one.

General Requirements:

  • Confirmed appointment for applicants with expired passports and issued travel documents (lost-valid passport applicants may proceed directly to the Consular Records Division at DFA-ASEANA without an appointment)
  • Personal appearance
  • Duly accomplished passport application form which can be downloaded from the DFA website,
  • Requirements for a first-time passport are still prescribed

Additional Requirements:

If in any case a passport was lost and cannot be found, you need to:

  • Three (3) photocopies of lost passport (if available) and NSO Birth Certificate authenticated by the DFA
  • Submit a Notarized Affidavit of Loss (with detailed explanation on when, where and how the passport got lost).
  • If the lost passport is still valid, submit an original Police Report on Lost Passport with English Translation plus two (2) photocopies;
  • Photocopy of first page of lost passport (if available)
  • Original Birth Certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority
  • Government ID; just one (1) but to be sure, secure two (2): (TIN ID, SSS ID, UMID, Alumni ID)

NOTE: They don’t accept Postal ID and Company ID.

In addition to these, take note that there will be a 15-day clearing period prior to the processing of application for the replacement of a lost valid passport.

In case the passport was already declared lost by the applicant but eventually was found and returned to him/her within the 15-day-clearing period, the applicant must:

  • Submit Notarized Affidavit of Retrieval (with detailed explanation on when, where and how the passport was found)
  • Original and photocopy of data page and last page of passport

In case of mutilated or damaged passports, the applicant must:

  • Submit Notarized Affidavit of Mutilation (with detailed explanation on when, where and how the passport got mutilated or damaged)
  • Original and photocopy of first and last page of mutilated or damaged passport

In case applicant was issued a Travel Document:

  • Original Travel Document
  • Submit Notarized Affidavit of Explanation Regarding Issuance of Travel Document (with detailed explanation on when, where and why the applicant was issued a travel document)
  • Original and photocopy of data page and last page of canceled passport (if passport is still in the possession of the applicant)

Here’s the Procedure on how to apply for lost passport

Step 1: Secure an appointment first by logging in to DFA’s  electronic appointment system. You can follow our guide how to set an appointment for Passport application.

Note: they strictly implement the “No appointment No Entry” Policy. So better set appointment first.

Step 2: Print your appointment schedule then come on time on the stated date.

In this pace, you will just submit your Affidavit of Loss and Police report on this stage (bring your other documents as well). They will stamp a date of return on your Affidavit of Loss copy. You then need to come back for the second time to DFA to start your passport processing and come back for the third time for pick-up.

Fees and Expenses you need to pay a lost passport

  • Affidavit of Loss (2 copies ) Php 200
  • Notarized AOL (2 copies)     Php 100
  • Police Report                           Php 50
  • Passport Processing Fee       Php 950
  • Express Processing                Php 250
  • Lost Passport Fee                   Php 200
  • Photocopy expenses  est       Php 30

TOTAL = Php 1,780

We are only humans and it’s inevitable for us to forget things. Even these special and relevant documents are not exempted from our flaw. But, you all don’t have to worry because there are ways and they are easy. You just have to read and follow everything written above and you don’t even have to think about your passport being lost anymore.

We are looking forward for this post to help our fellow Filipino who are currently worried that their passport is lost, stolen, or damaged. Spread this and help others.

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