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More than reading about the details of the house, what property buyers look at are its photos to see if its design, condition, and architecture are up to their standards. They can have an overview of what could be their new home, and even imagine and plan their layout. Therefore, presenting quality photos are highly essential to sealing the deal.

For property sellers and brokers who only have their trusted smartphones with them to take pictures, worry not as using these apps, compiled by real estate website Lamudi Philippines, will give your listings’ photos a much-needed facelift to stand out in no time.

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1. 360 Panorama

Capture the grandeur of the estate for sale with this app. 360 Panorama lets you fit the 360-degree view of the property in just one picture with just a single tap. By panning the phone left to right, this app will give you high-resolution panorama photos of your property, which you can then share via social media to your clients and friends in just under a minute.

2. Diptic

Diptic lets you create your own photo collage. With hundreds of layouts and designs available, one can definitely find the perfect one to show a property. Photo collages save space, especially if there’s a maximum number of photos that can be uploaded. The more high-quality photos to be shared to the clients, the better. What’s more, Diptic accepts not only images but videos as well.

3. Roomscan

Here’s an app that can instantly draw a property’s floor plans. By holding your smartphone firmly against each wall until every wall in the room has been done, a digital floor plan will be created, which can be easily shared online. That’s right, there’ll be no need for pen and paper to manually sketch.

4. Pixlr

Formerly Pixlr Express, Pixlr is a photo-editing app that offers free effects, filters, and overlays. With just a few taps, a photo’s unbalanced colors, exposure, and even blurs can be adjusted. With its feature AutoFix, it can automatically correct and enhance a photo in just a single tap.

5. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Don’t be intimidated by the name. Adobe Photoshop’s Lightroom lets you apply the professional effects of Photoshop with ease. Presets are already available to use to make your photos look better. It also has an in-app cam that can be used to take the photos before doing minor edits.

6. Instagram

Not only there are free filters, color and exposure adjustments, and cropping tools, Instagram is one of the most popular image-sharing apps available right now. Most likely, your clients have this app as well, making it so much easy to share photos of your properties with them. This app is a good way to widen your (and your listings’) reach.

7. Background Eraser

True to its name, this app can erase the “background” of a picture to make your subjects––specifically the property you would like showcase—stand out. After erasing the background, the remaining image can be used to be overlaid on a better background, such as a wallpaper, or even a plain background for a simple, minimal look. This is helpful if the house is against an environment that is not so pleasing to look at.

8. VivaVideo

VivaVideo can turn a series of photos into a video by creating a slideshow. Imagine just uploading one file across all media platforms to show everyone what the house has to offer. It not only saves time, but it saves item space as well. Make use of its video-maker tool using any smart gadget.

9. Phonto

No space to add captions below the photos? Then put the text directly on the image instead with the Phonto app. Customize the text’s size, color, shadow, stroke, background, and its spacing. There are over 200 fonts to choose from to fit any type of house or property’s style.

10. AfterFocus

Not fond of cropping photos and replacing their background for better and cleaner presentation? Try After Focus. Simply blur out what is not needed. Blurring the background can put the focus on the property instead and not on the messy neighborhood lurking behind.

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