How to know the upcoming Job Fair in the Philippines

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For those who are looking for a job, knowing what company currently hiring is a challenge. Back in the days where you need to buy a newspaper just to look for the classified ads page and see what are the companies have a vacant position where you can send resumé.

Today, with the availability of modern technology, we have plenty of resources that can use to find vacant position and send resumé, we don’t even need to go out to submit resumé in the company. Using the internet, there are plenty of job search websites that we can use. Hiring companies are listing their vacant positions on these websites for the job seekers. The job seekers can easily send their credentials to the company or agency hiring and only visit the office if there’s an appointment. It lessens the hardship of job seekers to walk through every company just to submit their resumé.

But, if you want to go out and prefer to attend job fairs, knowing the place and the schedule where it will happen is an advantage. In this article I will show to you where you can see all the upcoming job fairs in the Philippines.

PHIL-JobNet the official job portal of the Philippine government has a list of the upcoming job fair schedules nationwide. Just select your region and see the nearest upcoming job fair and prepare all your documents and credentials required when the job fair date comes.

Previous articles that we publish on this website can give you some tips how to write a good CV or Resumé and pass the interview, be sure to check it out before you visit the job fair venue.

How to know the upcoming Job Fair in the Philippines

Ok, here’s how you can check the upcoming job fair in the Philippines:

It’s very simple, you just need to go to PHIL-JobNet job fair schedule page ( You will arrive on the page where you can see all the upcoming job fair.

Job fair schedule

From this page you can navigate the dates and months using the previous and next arrow. You can also click the +more link below the dates to reveal where the job fair will be held.

Knowing the job fair schedule in advance can help you plan and ready all the requirements needed. Don’t forget to share this simple tips with your family and friends

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