Top 10 Jobs in the Philippines with Great Salary


Recently, the leading job search website in the Philippines has released their 2015 Annual Salary Report, which reveals the top 10 highest paid jobs in the Philippines.

In their report, employees with specialization in IT – Software and IT – Network, System, and Database Administration are the best paid. These specializations in IT occupy the first two spot in all three position levels. Junior Executives/1 to 4 Years’ Experienced Employees, Supervisors/5 or More Years’ Experienced Employees, and Assistant Managers/Managers. encourage all the companies posting job ads to include their salary offer and making salary information visible for the applicant.

This will help candidates and employees gauge if they are getting paid competitively. Also, jobseekers who are assessing how their current salary stacks up with how much others with the same specialization get paid.

The annual salary report from Jobstreet also the help the graduating high school students to decide which course they want to take up when they reach College in order to land a job with great salary when they finished.

Meanwhile, here’s the Top 10 highest paid jobs in the Philippines for the year 2015 as presented by in their annual salary report.

Junior Executives/1 to 4 Years’ Experienced Employees

Employees with 1 to 4 years of experience specializing in IT got the first two spots on the highest paid jobs in Junior Executive level followed by Law/Legal Services on the number 3 spot with Php 27, 033 average salaries.

SpecializationAverage Basic
Monthly Salary
IT/Computer – SoftwareP37,784
IT/Computer – Network/Database AdminP33,029
Law/Legal ServicesP27,033
Actuarial ScienceP27,032
Engineering – Electronics/CommunicationP26,379
Public Relations/CommunicationsP25,153
Technical & Helpdesk SupportP25,078
Sales – Telesales/TelemarketingP24,400
Training & DevelopmentP23,762
Customer ServiceP23,369

Supervisors/5 or More Years’ Experienced Employees

On Supervisory Level, still the top 3 is the same as the Junior Executive followed by the Engineering Electronics/ Communication with an average salary of Php 34, 831.

SpecializationAverage Basic
Monthly Salary
IT/Computer – SoftwareP67,478
IT/Computer – Network/Database AdminP52,319
Law/Legal ServicesP39,788
Engineering – Electronics/CommunicationP34,831
Customer ServiceP34,772
Sales – Engineering/Technical/ITP33,396
Marketing/Business DevelopmentP33,104
Quality Control AssuranceP32,978
Sales – Telesales/TelemarketingP32,878
Engineering – IndustrialP27,032

Assistant Managers/Managers

Managers with specialization in IT still on the first 2 spots while the managers with specialization in Technical & Helpdesk Support got the third spot and the Customer Service respectively.

SpecializationAverage Basic
Monthly Salary
IT/Computer – SoftwareP100,838
IT/Computer – Network/Database AdminP81,274
Technical & Helpdesk SupportP80,405
Customer ServiceP76,538
Architecture/Interior DesignP68,616
Training & DevelopmentP67,380
Corp. Finance/Investment/Merchant BankingP66,362
Finance – General/Cost AccountingP59,696
Maintenance/Repair (Facilities & Machinery)P59,367
Manufacturing/Production OperationsP59,153

All the salaries posted are based on the actual salaries of more than 38 thousand jobs posted on from October 1 to December 31, 2014.

Compare your current salary and request for an adjustment if your company is not giving you competitive salary or better to look for another company 🙂

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