Today, millions of people surfing the internet, all has their own purpose, some good others are bad, if you have an online account like in Facebook where almost all of your identity like address, telephone number, your family and friends are there, these  are the common target of hacker to steal the identity.

Identity theft is a very popular crime today; it’s on the news almost everywhere, you maybe the next target, and so how you can protect your Facebook account from hacker? In this post I will show to you a simple yet effective way how you can add more security to your Facebook account.

To do this you need your mobile number to add in your account, this will be used to receive the security code that Facebook sent to you every time your Facebook account login to an unregistered device or browser. This means that you cannot login anywhere unless you have your mobile with you to receive that security code. Sounds good? The question is how to setup this thing? The answer is, just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be fine.

Add Security to your Facebook account using Mobile number

Step 1: As I’ve said before, you need to add your mobile number to add security to your account, if you already added your mobile number go to step 3, if not go to privacy settings. See the picture below.

Add Facebook Security

Step 2: Now that you are in the privacy settings, click on mobile menu and add your mobile number, after you added your mobile number you will receive a confirmation code from Facebook, enter the code in the confirmation text box located on the right side of the screen. See the picture below.

Add Facebook Security using mobile

Step 3: To receive a security code in your mobile every time you login in unregistered device, just enable login approvals in security settings. See the picture below.

Add Security to FB Account

Step 4:  Check the “require a security code to access my account from unknown browsers” checkbox then save settings. See picture below.

Add Security to Facebook Account

Step 5: OK, now that you have added your mobile number as a second layer of security, everytime that you login using a different computer or unrecognized device, it will ask for security code. A security code will sent to your mobile number that you provided.

Add Security to your Facebook account using Mobile Application

If you have smartphone with Facebook app installed, you can enable Code Generator to serve as a second layer of security instead of a mobile number. To enable Code generator, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Under security settings, just below, login approvals enable code generator by clicking on the “Edit” link.

Adding Facebook account security

Step 2: Click “Enable” link

Step 3: A small window will pop up containing the instructions how you can activate code generator in your mobile device. Follow the instructions carefully, then click continue.

Easy way to add security to Facebook account

Step 4: Enter the security code that appears in your phone in the test code generator window that pop up. And it’s done, click close button.

Facebook Security

Step 5: Now that you’ve setup the code generator, everytime that you login in unrecognized browser or computer it will ask for security code. The code will automatically appear on your phone when you try to login using the unrecognized device.

Prevent Facebook account from unauthorized access

Adding a second layer of security in your Facebook account is very important if you want to make it secured. If you encounter any problems, don’t hesitate to write it down in the comment section below. I will answer your question personally as soon as I can.


  • Facebook always updating, if you are using the updated version of Facebook, this tutorial may not apply to you.
  • For better and effective security in your account, used strong password and changed it at least once a month.

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