How to Check POEA Job Order Online using POEA Website – 2022

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To make sure that the job you are applying abroad through recruitment agencies is valid or legal, you must check if the agency is licensed by POEA to recruit, I created an article how to check illegal recruiters online using POEA Website where you can easily check online if the recruitment agency has a valid POEA license.

You can also check if the job order is approved for the agency that you are applying, checking for the job order is easy and it can be done online also using the POEA website that you can access anytime anywhere as long as you’re connected to the internet.

To check POEA job order online using POEA Website, follow this simple step.

Step 1. Go to POEA official website link ( where you can check the job orders.

Step 2. Clicking the link will take you to the page like the screenshot below, 3 links you can choose, whether you want to search for available job orders by country, position or by recruitment agencies, select which one you think gives better results.check job order online

Step 3. Choosing “Search available job orders by Position” will take you to a page where you can enter the job position that you are looking for, you can filter it by date when the Job Order was approved, by the agency or by country. check job order online 2Clicking the “Submit” button will give you all the available job order with the position you entered.check job order online 3

Step 4. If you choose “Search available job orders by country” you will arrive to the page where you can select a country in the drop down selection.check job order online 4 Clicking submit button will display all the available job orders in the particular country you selected.check job order online by country

Step 5. And if you choose “Search available job orders by Agency” it will take you to the page where you can also select the POEA licensed recruitment agency in the drop down selection.check job order online by country And will also show the available job order in the particular agency you selected.check job order online by agency

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