How to retrieve lost or forgotten SSS Number

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Sometimes, we can get clumsy and forget about certain things most especially if we do not have something to attach to it. We can sometimes forget where we put our car keys, we may sometimes forget where we hid our wallets or IDs, but at some point, you will lose track of one of the most important numbers you have in your Filipino life – your SSS number.

Right now, the Social Security System of the Philippines lets their applicants apply online in order for the applicants to get a hold of an SSS Number. But what can applicants do if they fail to get an SSS ID and if they forgot their number? Do they need to apply for a new one? Stay calm and keep reading because in this article, we will be guiding you on what to do if in case you lose your SSS ID.

Lost or Forgotten SSS Number

For those of you asking if getting a new one is part of the options, better throw that away now. Each person is only entitled to one SSS number because having two (2) means having two different distributions, if I am not mistaken. – So what do I do if I lose my SSS number?

You actually have two (2) options and these options are:

  • Go to the nearest SSS branch (bring two [2] valid IDs with you)
  • You can call the SSS customer service at 920-6401 to 55

The first option is quite much of a hassle than the second option because you are obliged to go to an office which is the nearest to you. You will have to travel, you will have to endure the long lines but once the task is finished, then you can be assured about anything that revolves around your Social Security account. Of course, you will have to bring two (2) valid IDs and you will maybe asked security or verification questions to ensure that you are the person.

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Calling the SSS call center service is probably the more convenient of the two because you will only have to dial it through your phone and wait for a representative to respond. You will be then asked to answer certain verification questions to ensure that you are the rightful owner of the account. These questions are most likely:

  • Complete name with Middle Name
  • Complete Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Previous employer

If we were to compare the two, calling the call center can be more convenient but it can be shortening because you might tend to forget to disclose anything like you are more likely to be more indulged when you go to the branch itself because you are there, you know that you have to ensure that every question you hold must be answered. But if I were to choose, I would of course choose to call the trunk line but before doing so, I will list down all questions I have and I will be ready to be transferred over and over again.

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As you can see, it is not actually the worst when you forget your Social Security Number but of course, to avoid hassle and inconvenience, I suggest that in order for you not to go through all of this, be ready and be prepared to have a copy of all of requirements that employers may ask so that you won’t have a hard time anymore.

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  1. How do i know what may mother sss number…she dont have any info about sss..but i know she work in com..and she finish her contract….when she was a age of 40…but my mother is gone she died …how do i know if my mother have an sss…or she is a member of sss…

  2. Ako po ay nandito sa Saudi member na po ako ng SSS kaso nakalimutan ko po ang sss number ko. Papaano ko po ulit makukuha o malalaman ang number ko?

  3. my sss n ako mga 90s p sa manila tpos d an nahulugan ng employer q wla p ytang laman un,gusto q sana ipatuloy as self employed pyd ba?kaso nawala n ung sss nr q paano b ung proseso ulit?pls rp nman


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