Great things to do with your money in your 20s


You’ve now reached the peak of your child and adulthood; it’s now time to make the real deal.  This is the time of your life when you’ll be doing things for the first time: you’ll be living alone, you’ll be having a stable job, and by that of course, you’ll be having a consistent paycheck.

Well it is a bit easy for some to say that they could go on and save for their future needs but that just doesn’t happen all the time.  You easily get tempted to spend every time you have the opportunity to; that is extremely acceptable since you just had a free taste of the full meal.  Here are great things to do with your money in your 20s.

Things to do with your money
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Start to pay off your previous debts

We are all just humans; we have debts, we borrow money, etc.  One good investment you could start is to invest at settling those.  Try to pay off borrowed money or debts little by little so that it will be cleared off sooner or later.  By doing this, you now have your paycheck all to yourself and from there, you can plan and think of what to do with your money.

Spend on things that have value

While it is easy to spend money, it is not that easy to spend on something that has a ton of value.  Instead of spending it unruly or unwisely, spend your money in a way where you will learn lessons, where you’ll improve at something, or spend it to buy something that would fit you in years.  Try to look for things that have value and cling on to those.

Learn early about saving

Saving is not really that hard; you just need discipline and ample time to contemplate that you would really start saving money for your future.  Saving is important because if done correctly, then you would have emergency funds if ever something does not turn out good.

One good tip in saving is that you set aside 5-10% of your income to your savings.  Try to start off from 5% then continue to gradually grow.


Although investing is a whole new different story, it can be one of the smartest moves you’ll make in your 20s.  The stock market isn’t really rocket science, you just need to first learn how your mindset should be, then know the basics of investing in the stock market, then you should go ahead and join the fun of investing.  There are a lot of things you can invest in, you can invest it in the stock market, invest it to a growing business, or you can invest it to yourself; take the time to learn more about investing for you to be knowledgeable enough before you start it.

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There are a lot of ways in which you can utilize your money in your 20s.  The best ways are to look for something in which it could return what you have paid for in the past.  Set a goal for yourself before you try any of these things because really, what’s the point of smartly spending your money if it does not lead to anything?

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