How to Send Files using Facebook

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Facebook is one of the most complete networking sites nowadays in terms of connecting families and friends around the world. In terms of sharing photos, videos, messages, files, almost all you can share using your Facebook account.

For those who didn’t know that Facebook can be used to send files, this post will show the steps how to send files using your Facebook account.

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You can send files using Facebook in two ways, using Facebook chat and Facebook messages follow the given instructions below;

Send files using Facebook Chat

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account

Step 2: Go to Facebook chat and select the person or your friends that you want to receive the file.

Select Recepient

Step 3: In the chat window, where you’re typing your message to send, click on the option icon located at the top right corner of the chat window, a drop down menu will appear, select “Add Files…” to add the file you want to send to the friend you select earlier. See the screenshot.

Add Files

Step 4: A  window will pop up where you can select your files, find your files then click open.

Select Files

Step 5: The file that you open is now ready to send, you can see at the bottom of the chatbox, to send just press Enter and your done.

Confirm File

Send files using Facebook Messenger on Browser

Sending files using Facebook messenger are almost similar to sending files using Facebook chat.

Step 1: After you login, in your Facebook home, click on “Messenger” see the screenshot.


Step 2: Select a friend that you want to send a file/s then click the “Add Files” icon at the bottom.

Click Add File Icon

Step 3: By clicking the “Add Files” a window will pop up to where you can select the files, follow the step no. 4 and 5 in the above instructions to complete.

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