The normal scenario when we go to the social security office, it was crowded and probably time consuming. You will be waiting a bit longer period of time before your number to be called.

But recently, Social Security System (SSS) President and Chief Executive Officer Emilio de Quiros, Jr. announced about their “Enhanced SSS Website”.

SSS is enhancing its facilities and introducing new programs to further improve its service delivery. One of these service delivery channels is the SSS Website and its various online services.

Through the My.SSS portal of the enhanced SSS Website, you can submit salary loan applications and maternity notifications online, view and print your social security records, set appointments with your servicing branch and download forms.

If you are an employer, you can view and download your employer records and submit transaction reports online. And if you are also a household employer, you can use the My.SSS portal to submit the collection list of your househelper/s.

Well, this is good news to us members. We will take this opportunity and enjoy the full benefits of online services offered.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to check or inquire SSS loan outstanding balance online thru Enhanced SSS Website.

I am assuming that you already have your own My.SSS Online account. If not you can follow our previous article how to register for SSS online account.

How to Check/Inquire SSS Loan Outstanding Balance Online

Step 1. Go to the SSS Website ( log in to your account using your User ID and Password.How to check SSS salary loan balance online step 1 If in any case you forgot your username or password, you can read my other tutorial on How to recover SSS Online Account “Forgot Username and Password”.

Step 2. Under “E-SERVICES” menu, click “Inquiry”how to check SSS salary loan balance online step 2

Step 3. If you are using unsupported browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome), you will see this pop up advisory. Click “View Instructions” and follow the instructions given depending on the browser you are using. If you can’t follow the instruction, use Internet to check sss salary loan balance online step 3

Step 4. After you successfully logged in to your account, in the Main Menu, Click on the “Loans” link then “Loan Status/Loan Info”.How to check SSS salary loan balance online step 4

Step 5. The next page will display your current Loan Information Details and also all the loans you have availed. In my case, I already have availed the SSS Salary Loan thrice. Click the first “Salary Loan” in the list.

how to check sss salary loan balance online step 5

Step 6. Click “Statement of Account & Loan Payments” to view the current balance.How to check SSS salary Loan Balance online step 6

Step 7. And that’s it, Please note that the “Total Amount Obligation” would be your outstanding Loan Balance. You can see & review also below your credited payments posted.How to check SSS salary loan balance online step 7

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