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Unlocking SSS online Account

Unlocking your Locked SSS Online Account

Logging in many times with either the wrong User ID or password can make your account locked. That's the same case with the SSS...
How to apply for SSS retirement

How to Apply for SSS Retirement Benefits

One of the benefits granted to the Social Security System (SSS) members is to have a pension after they reach the retirement age. This...
how to access SSS online inquiry using unsupported browsers

How to Access SSS Online Inquiry using Unsupported Browsers

Are you having trouble in accessing SSS Online Inquiry? If yes, then this article might be the answer. Most of the SSS members complain...
Check SSS employment history online

How to Check SSS Employment History Online

As an employee, you are concerned about the amount withheld by the company from your earnings through payroll deduction, which includes SSS (Social Security...
How to check SSS Salary Loan Balance online

How to Check or Inquire SSS Loan Outstanding Balance Online

The normal scenario when we go to the social security office, it was crowded and probably time consuming. You will be waiting a bit...
how to reset SSS online account

How to Recover SSS online account “Forgot User ID and Password”

My last login on the SSS online account was February 2014, one year and 5 months as of this writing. Honestly, I did not...
Reset SSS password

How to Change SSS Online Account Password

Using Social Security System (SSS) Website for your online inquiries and transactions requires a strong and updated password. This is your personal information that needs to...
SSS online

SSS Online Registration: A Helpful Illustrated guide how to register and Check SSS Contribution...

Step by Step tutorial How to View or Check SSS Contributions Online. You learn how to view your monthly premiums, loan balances and static info.

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