Traditional Marketing VS. Online Marketing

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It’s nearly 2017 now but the debate on whether people should utilize the classical yields of traditional marketing than to switch to online marketing still continues.  A fact that can be brought up is that the two methods can produce different results.  It is a known deal that businesses need some kind of marketing strategy to attract customers and to create a brand and unique image to maintain or to improve conclusions.  But what is better between the two?

What is Marketing?

We often hear this word in business-related topics and in instances when it is most needed.  But what really is it?  It is known for the fact that it needs to be utilized in the best ways possible in order for a business to expand and succeed.  Well in business definition, marketing is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer.  Marketing is the skill of expanding your network and by successfully executing your innovation to the minds and hearts of consumers.

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Traditional Marketing

If you’ve been living under a rock and you are unaware of what traditional marketing is, try to read newspapers, open your television, or go outside and get flyers.  This is traditional marketing; traditional in a sense that these methods have been used for years now and they have proven success rates and percentages which is why people still utilize it.

Online Marketing

Online marketing however is the latest innovation designed to reach people in ranges you can never imagine.  Although success rates of this method are not that high, your assurance of it reaching people is never a question for you are working in the web.

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It is a known fact that commercials take time to finish.  Along with that, print ads and radio announcements aren’t an overnight deal as well.  They take time to finish and in order for them to be successfully used, time is an important matter for proper and excellent execution.  Online marketing however, can be done in a short span of time.  Yes, it is not overnight to make a website but if you have help, it can be done in just a snap of a finger.  It is not that critical as well because you can always change, modify, and configure your stuff in the net.


Your success though still depends on the type of market you are willing to work on.  For example, old people who are used to knowing things in the newspaper or in the radio won’t be able to know what the child sees on TV.  Teenagers to adolescents and adults who patronize innovation and the digital world might be a slight slide of factors.  Know what type of market you have and focus marketing strategies from there.


Opening a website won’t cost you thousands of pesos unlike having a commercial or pasting your ads on the back of a bus or on a billboard.  Cyber or online marketing is less expensive though but for traditional marketing, the price comes with it because of its efficiency and the proof of success rates.  Always remember that although you paid more in traditional marketing, it has a higher percentage of it being publicly known that running your ads on a “free site” because some are still not that literate in terms of technology.


Accessibility-wise, yes online marketing is the bomb; many people will get the chance to reach what you offer.

  • 4 out of 5 mobile phone users use it to shop and to look for stuff online
  • People constantly check their social networks in smartphones and in computers than watching the television
  • It is estimated that people spend at least 2-4 hours on their smartphones and computers daily

Technology is now making its way even in the business scheme.  Remember that most businesses should always remember that in order for them to be known, they need to know who their audience are or what type of market they have by research and study.  Anything else after that depends on how you execute it and how you strategize it.  Now, what do you think is better?

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