How to find registered airport taxi in Manila


Taking a holiday vacation in the Philippines is more fun as the Department of Tourism slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” implied. If you are a tourist or a simple “balikbayan” Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and you don’t have service or car going to your destination from the airport to your destination, finding a legitimate airport taxi is a must.

I have written this article in order for other people who go in and out of the country to be aware of the circumstances in hailing a cab from the outskirts of the airport. This is to impose a warning that you should treat as a “beware” sign because a lot of taxi drivers take advantage of the situation because finding a cab is not that easy especially if you are coming from the airport.

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So it all started when I got back from my vacation. I landed at the airport and got out after a few minutes. I noticed a lot of barkers offering me a taxi ride and have it noted that those taxis they were yelling about are yellow taxis. Not knowing how and what legit taxis are, I rode a yellow taxi. On my journey, I noticed that the meter was running out of the usual; I then of course asked the driver why his meter is raging and simply told me that the rates in riding an airport taxi is far from the usual white ones we ride.

registered airport taxi in manila
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When I arrived at my destination in Cubao I’m shocked because the meter showed about 1,500 pesos. I learned from that experience and every time I took a vacation, I find a genuine registered taxi.

How to find registered airport taxi in Manila?

So the question is still unanswered: How do I find a legitimate airport taxi in Manila? Most people are unaware of this but there are taxis that seem to be rightful and registered but in truth, they are not. To be extra sure, ask a guard or a staff in the airport about the pick-up station of airport taxis and take note, you don’t have to go out of the airport to find one, the pick-up stations are just right there when you go out. Do not make the mistake of crossing to the waiting area if you do not have someone who is waiting for you, on that side, you will see a line of yellow taxis.

The good thing about this is that these taxis actually have an official recorder with a logbook that takes note of your name and your destination. So now you know the difference; legitimate registered airport taxis have dispatchers to record your name and destination and illegitimate taxis have none. This is a good way to weigh it out because you will be then assured that if you have complaints, the dispatcher will notice you immediately and will investigate regarding your concern.

A pet peeve of most is the way of thinking of other people; most taxi drivers expect tips (some even ask) just because they saw people who just got back to the country. Haven’t they thought about the suffering or the sacrifices they have to own just for them to make that kind of living? Are they unaware that not everyone who comes back to the Philippines is entirely rich? One thing is for certain – they would not be able to know how things work outside the country if they haven’t been on a plane yet. But it is not that difficult to put yourself in another person’s shoes so I do not really get it.

Good news is, you now know how to differentiate a legitimate airport taxi from a not-so-real one so, Be Careful.

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