Simple Tips when you are Starting your new HP Laptop

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The idea to buy your new and next technology gadget is surely going to excite you. We all love to buy new technology devices and computers every time. The success with which technology has grown and evolved, our expenditure has also increased upon these different devices.

The major reason for this is the fact that in a short spell, the current technology you have easily becomes obsolete and there is a need to buy a new one which creates the increased expenditure. For example, if you were going to change your laptop after two years, now you are going to change your laptop in a year or less.

Buying a new laptop is also as exciting and when we aim to buy a new laptop computer, we try to make sure the model fits our demands and requirements. Some of the best-selling brands for laptop include the likes of Apple, Sony and not to forget, HP.

The HP laptops are known for their customization and high specifications in lesser cost compared to the former brands. The reason for HP’s success is their durability alongside the quality. They also have some of the great specifications you can find in a laptop device. Today’s blog is going to talk about some simple tips that you can apply when you are opening the box and starting up your new HP laptop for the very first time.

Set up a user account

Most of the time, when you open the Windows operating software for the first time unless you have given the instructions to the vendor, you will not have your user account setup. So the first thing to do with your new laptop is to set up your user account. Setting up your user account helps you manage your own settings and preferences as well as lets other users operate the same laptop with their own settings. So, according to the number of users you will have, you can set up user accounts.

Install an Antivirus

If you are going to work on a lot of customized programs and online applications then using an Antivirus is very important for your laptop. HP provides amazing antivirus tools for users on its website as a part of the support and you can easily find one to download. Antivirus can help you keep your windows clean and free from any malware programs while using the third party applications in the online world.

Check the applications

There is a set of applications you get when you buy your new HP laptop. This helps you learn the kind of applications and software you have and the way you can utilize them for your own benefit. Applications are an important part of your computer experience and it is important to see you have everything complete.

Register your laptop and Windows

If your Windows is not activated or registered on the original Windows site, this is the first thing you should do before using your laptop for any other purpose. Registering your laptop and Windows helps you keep the full version activated and have access to all its functions.

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