How to Clean your laptop

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If you ever wondered why sometimes your laptop looks old, messy, and performs not-so-well, it may be because it is already filled with dirt inside and out. Cleaning your laptop in a regular basis prolongs its life and yours too. There are studies which state that computer keyboards are one of the most favorite homes of germs and bacteria. But your laptop is not just about the keyboard and mouse, right? Well here are a few things to know in order for you to get a cleaner and better laptop.

Cleaning your keyboard

Your keyboard is probably the dirtiest part of your laptop since it is the most touched by our hands and our hands are the dirtiest body part because it is what we use to touch and feel things that may be clean or not. So how do you clean your keyboard? There are a few ways to do this but to ensure the best cleaning, here’s what you should do.

With the keys intact

  • Turn the laptop off and remove its battery.
  • Have a can of compressed air and gently spray it onto the keys.
  • Use a small vacuum with a brush attachment; it is usually the last limb of a vacuum to suck onto the dirt underneath it.
  • Damp a piece of cotton bud in alcohol and rub it in between the keys if possible. Dry it with clean paper towel or better yet, air-dry it.

With the keys removed

  • Turn the laptop off and remove its battery.
  • Make sure that you know how the keys were removed so you know how to place it back.
  • Place all of the keys in a small bowl and add a few drops of dish soap or hand soap to wash them.
  • Scrub them each to ensure that they are clean.
  • Use a small vacuum to clean below where the keys lie (for loose crumbs, dust, etc.)
  • Dry them with a clean paper towel and place them back again where they were placed.

Cleaning your LCD

The LCD is where all the magic happens. Without it, you won’t be able to see what you see on your laptop. It gets dirty most especially when you forget to clean it ever since the moment you bought it.   But worry not; here is how you can carefully clean it.

  • There are special LCD screen cleaners that you can buy from office supply stores if you are not comfortable with using a few drops of ethyl alcohol to do the trick.
  • Make sure your laptop is cooled down and turned off; turn it off 30 minutes before you start cleaning it.
  • Wipe of the entire screen with a clean cloth to get rid of dust and unwanted dirt.
  • Carefully add a few drops of alcohol to cotton. REMEMBER, only a few drops because having a lot can damage the LCD.
  • Gently wipe it from the top going to the bottom. It is recommended that you remove the battery while cleaning any part of the laptop to avoid damaging it.
  • After doing so, wipe it with a clean cloth to dry it. Make sure to have the whole screen dried before placing the battery back again and turning it on.

Cleaning the rest of the laptop

We have what, the battery, the case, the mouse and the jacks, well it’s only basics. So let us go over them one by one to get a big and clear picture.

For cleaning the battery, all you need are clean cloths and alcohol. Just wipe one clean cloth on the battery to rid off dust and dirt and then pour a little bit of ethyl alcohol on one cloth and then carefully wipe it to thoroughly clean it.

For cleaning the case or the surface, be ready with a clean cloth because all you have to do is to wipe it with the clean cloth; no need to wet it, no need for alcohol, just wipe it to remove dust and crumbs.

Cleaning the mouse is like taking candy from a baby; you just need to unplug it so it doesn’t have power and clean it by wiping it with cloth + alcohol on all sides and parts. Try spraying a little bit of compressed air to both left and right mouse buttons as well.

The jacks are just probably covered with dust so you just need a cotton bud to gently go inside every possible jack. Be sure not to distort any jack because it may lead to errors and malfunction. So carefully go over each jack with a cotton bud to absorb dust.

Cleaning your laptop can greatly improve your health and its health as well. Remember to clean it at least once a month so you don’t get stuck with dust all over your device. Safety first so remember to turn your laptop off and to remove its battery. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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