Five Things You Should Not Say During an Interview


When the company you want to work for wholeheartedly accepts your resume, chances are you’re now being set up for an interview. There can be one interview, two interviews, even three and these interviews will be one indication as to what results you’ll be getting – if you’ll be part of the company or not. There are a lot of tips and guides on what to answer during an interview but very few think of the “what-not-to-do.” But what really are the things you should not say during a job interview? Here are five (5) of them.

“It’s on my resume.”

Although it’s already on your resume, the interviewer is expecting you to have an answer that is beyond the written report. This is why you should not include everything on your resume so that you will have the ability and the capacity to communicate with the interviewer by word.

TIP: Even if it can be found on your resume, still find answers that would impress your interviewer. Things like job experience, skills, and weaknesses, personal encounters, and so on.

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“My weakness is I am a perfectionist.”

This is probably one of the misconceptions as regards to doing an interview. It is not right to answer that you are a perfectionist when you are thrown the question of your weakness because not being able to present a weakness is bad – not knowing what your weaknesses are is worse.

TIP: Do not be afraid to tell what your weaknesses are because it is one way for them to hone you, to train you. If you happen to be unaware of what your weakness are then know yourself a little better.

“What do people do around here?”

It is quite the obvious that you need to do your research before going to the interview itself. Asking the interviewer what people do in the company can be the reason why you won’t get in. You want to let the interviewer know that you did your homework and that you are more than excited to go on with the position you are aiming for.

TIP: Do your research and ask questions that make sense; questions that project the idea that you already know a thing or two about the company.

“I don’t have further questions.”

If the interviewer decides it’s time to end the interview, chances are you will be asked if you have any questions. Do not ever say that you do not have questions because everything about the company will not be covered in an interview. Be ready to ask questions about your position, or like how the company will run after years, and so on.

TIP: Prepare questions, serious questions that would tickle the mind and the curiosity of the interviewer about you. Be sure to ask questions that would allow you to know more about a company that you won’t find out in the internet.

“I’m sorry, I’m a little bit nervous…”

Although you know to yourself that your palms are getting super sweaty, do your best to conceal it. Every interviewer knows that applicants will feel nervous at one point but it is in their expectation that you keep your cool and just go with it. No company would want to hire someone who lacks confidence so you better have tactics on how you would not let that show.

TIP: Practice talking to yourself prior to the interview to see yourself even when you are nervous. Try to project confidence as much as possible but do not overdo it because it may lead to cockiness and overconfidence.

These are just five (5) of the things that you should never ever say during an interview. You never know, maybe just saying one of those can lead you to fail in getting the application you are yearning for. Be sure to practice and study the necessary things prior to going to the interview. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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