Photoshop Tutorials: The Mirror Effect Part 2

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So in the first lesson, we learned about how to set up our image when we want it to have the mirror effect to it. We learned a few different steps and in this part of the series, you will now be able to get that mirror effect out of the photo you have chosen. Let us now begin.

We will pick up from the last thing we talked about which is transforming the image; now that our handle (right or left) is on the midpoint guideline, we are now ready for step 6.

Read first part 1 of this tutorial here.

Step 6: Copying it to a new layer

Remember that we selected the image ONLY, and not the whole canvas? The next step is to copy our selection to a new layer and to do this, go to Layer > New >Layer via Copy. A shorter and simpler way to do this is to hold down the Alt/Option as you drag the layer in the layers panel going down to make an exact copy of the layer.

After doing so, you will notice in the layers panel that a new layer was created and it is named “Layer 1” and that the exact same selection is selected.

Step 7: Select the Free Transform and Flip Horizontal Command

So in order to create the mirror reflection, we have to flip the image in the layer. We can actually do that with no sweat by going to Edit > Free Transform or to do it faster, you can click on Ctrl/Command + T. Doing this places a free transform outline on the image. You will see a handle in the middle of the selection and what you want to do is to drag it to the midpoint because it is what will be triggered when the flipping takes place.

When you have the reference point to the side, go back again to Edit > Transform and then choose Flip Horizontal. Another way to do this is to Right-click or Control-click anywhere inside the Free Transform selection and choose Flip Horizontal. This properly flips the image and all you need to do is press Enter or Return to accept the changes.

Step 8: Clear the unwanted areas

Now that you came up with the mirrored image, you now want to remove the midpoint guideline and the extra spaces on the sides (if you enlarged the canvas). To erase the midpoint, go to Views > Clear Guides.

To erase the extra spaces, go to Image > Trim. A prompt pops out again and just select Transparent Pixels; do make sure you check all boxes (Top, Bottom, Right, and Left). But if you resized your image, then it’s already good; you won’t have transparent pixels around your canvas.

Step 9: Edit if you must

You can go ahead and combine the two layers by merging them. Go to the layers panel, right-click or Control click the layer on top and select Merge Down to have one image. You can go ahead and make changes on the photo as a whole.

Now that you have a mirrored image done professionally, you can enhance your photos and your social networking sites by adding images like these. Share them to your friends and let them know about us. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Photoshop Tutorials only here in

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