Tips for Cracking the Interview


Nothing scares a professional than giving an interview. It is one of the most daunting events of anyone’s career. The make or break of your career is completely dependent on this– clearing that interview is of the utmost importance.

One thing that can guarantee you an interview – is the charm of your resume. That little piece of paper is all that the interviewer has – to decide whether or not you are good enough for their company. You have to remember, each individual they invite for the interview has an equal chance of cracking it. So once you have got that prized call you need to start preparing to crack your dream interview.

Tips fro cracking the Interview

Companies not only seek technically sound employees, they need someone who can gel well with the existing team and bring something new to the table. Gone are the days where candidates were judged by how heavy their CV is, today, that can only get you as far as the interview round, cracking it means you need to have ‘X’ Factor.

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Most interviewers follow a pattern. You could be a freshman or an experienced candidate – there are some set criteria’s that you would need to qualify:

1. Behavioral: The first part of any interview is about easing you in. The interviewer would keep it to a casual chit chat and target your soft skills. This is an opportunity that helps you to give them your best impression. Interviewers aim to relax you and get to know you as a person and whether or not you would be a good fit for the company.

Your body language, nonverbal communication skills etc. would be under keen observation. How you sit, how you talk, your shrugs and facial expressions – everything is noticed and noted. You should neither be over confident or under confident. You should have an air that you know where you stand, you are confident about what you are saying – but if you don’t know something – agree to it.  Honesty goes a long way.

2. Technical: This section is all about your competencies, whether or not you are able to do the designated job or not. Be extremely sure of what you answer. Think twice before you say something. Take your time and make sure you are right. If you are in doubts, says so, as I said before – honesty goes a long way. For positions like IT and various business related fields – you need to know your theories. If you are underprepared you would falter.

Even if you aced your behavioral part, technical part would most likely pull you back.

3. Personal: Companies tend to do a lot of background checks on their employees. With the social media it has become easier. So don’t lie, when asked a personal question, if you don’t want to answer say so – you are not liable to explain them your personal story. But do not in any circumstance lie to them.

Common Mistakes Candidates should not make

1. Not practicing enough: Candidates assume that they know everything. Don’t make that mistake. Prepare beforehand for an interview. Keep your theories, definitions etc. intact.

2. Not Rehearsing: Rehearse all the common questions, especially the behavioral ones.

3. No trial runs: Prepare through mock interviews. Ask your friends or family to take mock interviews that would help you to prepare for the big event.

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4. Mugging up: You could be a technical or a non-technical candidate – in no circumstance mug up your answers. You cannot predict everything that would be asked; and even if you can – mugging up doesn’t help you. What if you forget a particular point – the entire answer would unravel. Mugging up for an interview is the worst thing that you can do.

5. Talking too Much: In an interview, you should weigh every word you say. Don’t just go on blabbering about everything. Take a breather – listen first and then answer. Keep it to the point. Ask questions, but don’t push.

6. Talking too little: You cannot pass the card of an introvert everywhere. You can’t just keep mum and participate in an awkward silence. Say something, to keep the conversation going. You could be the one who asks a question, or reply as an answer. But don’t just sit idle and keep shut.

7. Rushing: Don’t act as if you are in a hurry, during an interview. Take a pause, access the situation. Make sure that you let the interviewer know that you have all the time in the world for this interview.

8. Giving Up: When you are in doubt, don’t give up. Look up, smile, breathe and relax yourself. Then go back to the problem. Giving up is never the solution.

Few Pointers to keep in mind

  • Not every question can be answered, if you don’t know something say so and move to the next one.
  • For an interview always have a formal attire. Please don’t go in your sweats and jeans. Make sure you are presentable.
  • Hold up a formal language on your end. Bring it onto the brink of informal only if your interviewer has. You can crack jokes to make the atmosphere lighter. But don’t go to the extreme.

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Cracking an interview is not that hard as it is presumed. If you know your facts, it should be pretty easy going. Just keep a smile and answer whatever is asked and ask when in doubt. Make a conversation, this is not an interrogation. Be confident of your capabilities and believe that you have the full right to be a part of the organization.

Author Bio: Trisha is a professional writer and has been writing on a variety of topics. She also guides students who want to go to one of the study abroad destinations like USA, UK, and CANADA etc.

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