Good Businesses to Start this 2020


Although there is no season to start one, it is best to end the year with a profit-sharing asset you have on your side. There are a lot of simple, low-end businesses you can start and use to progress to have a business that yields not just high profits, but also a good amount of friends and prospects for you in the future. Here are a few of the businesses that you can start before the year ends.

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You didn’t know that you can turn your personal hobby into a profit-yielding job, do you? If you know yourself that you can shoot people well – shoot in a good way, though, then you are most probably fit to be part of a photography business.

Photography doesn’t have to be extravagant; there are a lot of businesses you can enter that revolves around you, a camera, tripods, and other materials. Businesses like freelance photography, ID picture, class picture/graduation picture, etc. are the businesses you can enter.

Personal trainer/Personal fitness training

Who said you need to be a graduate in physical training in able to teach people about their fitness? Just a couple of research, own experience, and a slightly fit physique, you can start a business that a lot of people want nowadays – to be fit.

Research about different nutritions for different fitness goals and train yourself. You need to look your part if you want to enter the physical training business. Buy a few equipment, talk to prospective clients, and start your way in earning both physically and monetary.

Online Businesses

More than 3 billion people are online every day. Isn’t that one good reason why you need to start an online business? Whether you sell something small like cellphones, shoes, clothes, food, to house and lots, cars, mansions, etc., online businesses can guarantee you a pool of market that are ready to buy.

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You don’t need to have big capital in starting up an online business – all you need is a good computer, a stable and fast internet connection, network of people who can aid you in your business, and a niche of what you should sell (clothes, food, etc.) and you have your business.

Food Kiosk

Although food kiosks are quite “worky” (since paying for a kiosk or a cart is expensive), because you might need to do the carpentry and the engineering of it, it is a sure hit if you land on the right market, the right merchandise, and the right time.

Filipinos are massive eaters (in a good way) and that is one clear scent that food would never ever be neglected. Think of something you can cook and you can sell and a market that you know will love your serving. You have the internet, make it useful.

Carwash business

Good Businesses to Start this 2016

A big carwash business is expensive yes, and a small one might not be that profit-yielding but a carwash business is great because:

  • There are cars everywhere
  • Most public utility vehicles including (Uber and GrabTaxi) like to have their car washed twice in one week

All you need is a good location, a big space, and other commodities you can offer them while their car is being washed. You can start small and then strategize the expansion of your carwash business.

Car repair

In lieu of the carwash business, car repair is also one great business. If you love being a car doctor, then this is the kind of business you want to put up. You are guaranteed that every day you will have at least one client for repair. There are cars everywhere and you just need to be known.

You need to know about cars way more than you do now. Research, research, and research; talk to other car repairmen, learn more. People will come to you if you are good and if they think you know what you are doing. Your garage may not look like it’s made up of gold, get your hands dirty.

There are a lot of businesses you can start, you just need to know what you want to do and you need to learn more about that. On top of that, learn how to manage a business because that can be the key to the door of your dreams – wealth. All businesses have started small; all businesses had loopholes but those businesses and establishments you see now? They managed to get around that loophole and they made a way to turn problems into profit.Are you gonna be one of them?

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