Efren Nolasco

Efren Nolasco is a former OFW in Taiwan and Abu Dhabi, a web geek and founder of this website. You can follow him on his social media accounts.
Unshackle your thoughts

Rich People always think Northward

One common trait that you will find about the rich people in the world today or at any time is that they never think...
Make friends with money

Instant Money

There are thousands of websites and eBooks that tell you can earn thousands of dollars a day by working online, if you will only...

No One is Born with the Knowledge of Becoming Rich

We have already stated how people are never born with their richness. They might be born into richness, but this richness is not theirs....
Born Lucky

No one on this planet was born lucky

No one on this planet was born lucky. Everyone ‘lucky’ that you can think of – the richest people on the planet probably –...

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