How to Find Embed Code on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Vube

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When you want to make your post more informative, the first thing that comes to your mind  as a blogger is to attach images or videos that clearly describes the topic. Some reader prefers to watch the video than reading the whole article.

To make it easy for you to find the embed code in various video hosting sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Vube, I created this simple instructions that you can easily follow. Remember, if you’re not the owner of the video be sure to ask the owner’s permission first.

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To get the Embed Code on YouTube, follow this step.

  1. Open up the video that you want to embed, then wait for a few seconds until it load, then right click on the video. See the screenshot.How-to-get-embed-code-in-YouTube-Step-1
  2. The embed code will pop up, hit CTRL+C or Command+C for Mac to copy the code, that’s it.How-to-get-Embed-code-YouTube-Step-2
  3.  Another method to get the embed code of a YouTube video is to click on “Share” menu located at the bottom part of the video and selecting “Embed” in the Share this video section. The embed code will reveal after. See the screenshot.How-to-get-embed-code-Youtube-Step-3

To get the Embed Code on Dailymotion

  1.  You can get the embed code in Dailymotion like on YouTube, right click on the video after it load for a while, then select “Copy embed code” or you can use the “Export” menu that will appear when you hover your mouse pointer on the video then select “embed”. The embed code will automatically copied after you click the embed link, all you have to do is to paste it where you want to put. See the screenshot.How-to-Get-Embed-Code-in-Daiymotion-Option-1
  2. Another way to get embed code in Dailymotion is to use the “Export” link at the bottom of the video. After you click the link the embed code will reveal. See the screenshot.How-to-get-embed-code-in-Dailymotion-Option-2

To get Embed Code on Vimeo

  1. On the video, click the share icon, see the screenshot.Get-embed-code-in-Vimeo-Step-1
  2. Share this video window will pop up where you can see and copy the embed code, you can also select the size of the video that you want to embed by clicking the “+Show options” link at the right-bottom part of the window. See the screenshot.Get-embed-code-in-Vimeo-Step-2

To get the Embed Code on Vube

  1. Open the video that you want to embed, be sure to click on the title of the video not the thumbnail. See the screenshotGet-Embed-code-in-Vube-Step-1
  2. When the video open, head on below the video beside the description click the “embed” link. See the screenshot Get-embed-code-in-Vube

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