Photoshop Tutorials: Whitening teeth

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We have Photoshop for us to enhance our images, make it look surreal and fantastic, right? We often use this it to create images that are spectacularly out of this world; we use it for editing, changing designs, making layouts, and many more. People often disregard the fact that Photoshop is some kind of digital, magical make up for those who need it the most. In this tutorial, you will be educated as to how you can whiten your teeth, if it needs some whitening, in Photoshop.

Have you ever that experience when you saw your photo, and you were not satisfied and contented with the outcome because of yellowish sprinkles and orangey fade appearing on your teeth? Well Photoshop has the magic for you.

Step 1: The Lasso Tool

Remember the Lasso Tool that we talked about earlier in this series? You will now put that one in use. With the lasso tool selected, draw a selection where in the teeth of the person will be inside what you draw.

Step 2: Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer

After doing a little bit of drawing, with it being selected, choose a “New Adjustment Layer” for Hue/Saturation. This can be seen on the bottom right part; its icon is the circle-shaped ying-yang type of of icon. Click this and select Hue/Saturation from the list.

Step 3: Select Yellows from the list

A new box of options and tweaking will open when you select Hue/Saturation. From this, you will see an option that says “Master” and a drop down list from that. Select “Yellows” from it so that you will only make changes with the yellow part of the image.

With Yellows now selected, you will see the saturation slider on the left-hand side part of it. Drag it to the middle so that the yellowness of the area will be whiter that what it actually looks like.

Step 4: Adjust the lightness slider to your liking

After dealing with its saturation, adjust the lightness slider now to your liking. This can be seen below that saturation option. Going to the right makes it brighter and to the left, darker. Ensure that it will look authentic and legitimate to avoid misinformation.

Because the area of the lasso tool is not exactly on the teeth, the selection all-in-all will be whiter, brighter, and less yellow. So you have to do something with the mask.

Step 5: Fill the Mask with Black Color

While the layer mask is selected on the right side of your original image in the layers palette, go to Edit > Fill and choose Black to fill the mask with the color Black. This will temporarily hide everything that you did in the design but will come up better later.

Step 6: Brush over the white teeth to retain the whiteness that you want

Select the brush tool in your tools menu and select white as your foreground. As you can remember earlier in this series, we tackled layer masks, right? This will be put to work now. Having white as your foreground color retains or removes changes on your layer mask, right? So do that now. Go over the teeth, make sure it is accurate to avoid unwanted whitening on the other parts of the selection with the lasso tool earlier.

If you feel that the opacity of the adjustment layer needs to be lowered, do so.

So now that you know a little trick that can make your photo “the photo of the day,” what more can you ask for? Stay tuned for more awesome Photoshop tutorials like this, only here on

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