How to leave Facebook Group or Group Chat

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Have you been in a situation where one of your friends added you in a group chat on Facebook and every time a member in a group chat posted a message you get notified. Also, if you are a member of a group when a member posted on a group you also get notifications.

If you want to stop these notifications and decided to leave the group that you belong,  you can follow this simple step.

How to leave Facebook Group – Browser

Leaving a Facebook group that you’re in is only a few clicks, here’s how you do it using your computer browser.

  1. On your Facebook account homepage, head on to the group section on the left side of the screen just below your favorites and pages, and select the group that you want to leave if you have more than one.How to Leave Facebook Group
  2. If you hover your mouse on the group that you want to leave a gear icon will appear beside the group name, click on the gear and select “Leave Group” on the drop-down menu.How to Leave Facebook Group 2
  3. Another way to leave group using your browser, is to open the group and click the “Joined” button then select leave group on the drop-down.Leave Fb Group 3

How to leave Facebook Group – Mobile App

  1. To leave a Facebook group using your mobile device, open Facebook App and login your account, go to the group page, click the menu icon and select the group.Leave Fb Group - Mobile App
  2. On the group page that you want to leave, tap on the “Joined” with check icon and tap on “Leave Group” in the drop-down that appear.Leave Fb Group - Mobile App 2

How to leave Facebook Group Chat – FB Messenger

  1. If you want to leave the FB group chat using Facebook Messenger App, open the group chat and, tap the details icon on the upper-right corner.Leave Fb Group Chat - Messenger
  2. On the Group Details, tap on the three dot menu icon on the corner.Leave Fb group Chat - Messenger 2
  3. A drop-down menu will appear where you can tap “Leave Group” option.Leave Fb Group Chat - Messenger 3

How to leave Facebook Group Chat – FB App

  1. To leave a Facebook group chat using Facebook app on your mobile devices, while your login, tap on the profile icon.Leave Facebook Group Chat - FB App
  2. It will reveal the list of your friends and group that you can chat, select the group that you want to leave in the group conversations section, located on the top most part of the screen.Leave Fb Group Chat - FB App 2
  3. When you open the group chat message you can see the details icon on the right corner, tap on that icon.Leave FB Group Chat - FB App
  4. It will now reveal the “Leave Conversation” button on the lower part of the screen.How to Leave Fb group chat

Now that you leave the group, you will not receive any notification or messages when a new update or post to the group or if there’s a new message in the group chat.

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