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All employees, ranked and file are entitled to receive their 13th month pay regardless of their designation or employee status who have worked for at least one month during the calendar year. If you are a new employee and you are not aware of it, it is time to rejoice now since you will be receiving this. In this article, we will be teaching you the steps on how to compute for your 13th month pay and of course, everything about it.

Before diving in straight to the topic, let us first discuss what the 13th month pay is. The 13th month pay is a benefit in monetary form that is given to an employee before the 24th of December of every year. Its computation solely depends on the number of months the employee has attended work in a year. All establishments regardless of the number of employees are required to pay their rank-and-file employees the 13th month pay.

So how do you compute for 13th month pay?

The basic salary is the main variable in computing for the 13th month pay. It is computed based on the 1/12 of the total basic salary of an employee within a year (calendar year) or the basic salary for the whole year divided by 12 months.

Let’s take this as an example:

1st payslip of the year

  • Monthly Rate: P15, 500.00
  • Daily Rate: P509. 59
  • Total Allowances: P1, 250. 00
  • Hourly Rate: P63. 6986
  • Hours worked: 120 hours
  • Base Pay: P7, 643. 83

13th month pay payable = Base Pay/12

13th month pay payable = P7, 643. 83/12

13th month pay payable = P639. 99

The basepay is P7, 643. 83. It is the first payslip of the year so there is no previous amount accumulated. The P639. 99 is the first amount that you can expect before the 24th of December when your company decides to pay its employees for the 13th month pay.

2nd payslip of the year

  • Monthly Rate: P15, 500.00
  • Daily Rate: P509. 59
  • Total Allowances: P1, 250. 00
  • Hourly Rate: P63. 6986
  • Hours worked: 128 hours
  • Base Pay: P8, 153. 42

13th month pay payable: P679. 45

The amount P679. 45 will then be added to the first accumulated amount which is P639 .99. In total, you have P1, 316 .44 that will be given to you as 13th month pay before the 24th of December. In simpler and shorter terms, the base pay that you get every payslip will be divided by 12. Add all of the payslips you receive continuously until the end of the year. Note that the 13th month pay shall be in the amount not less than 1/12 of the total basic salary earned by the employee within the calendar day.

Remember that the variables in computing this are:

  • Payslips
  • Number of months you have worked within the year

Now that you know how to compute for your 13th month pay, you can now be carefree because you can compute it for yourselves without having the fear that your employer might get some of the pay that you deserve.

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31 thoughts on “How to compute 13th month pay”

  1. yong asawa ko 4years na nagtrabaho wlang benefits,walang payslip at hindi din minimum rate kahit nasa NCR sya,10hours working,wala din sila 13month pay bale bunos lang binibigay pinaka malaki nya natanggap 4k ..december lang 2k lang binigay kasi daw matumal ang gym na pinag trabahoan nya..nakaka disapoint lang this time kc ginigipit sila.???? hirap lang kc takot sila magreklamo baka tanggalin may anak pa naman kami tos wala pa ako work now.huhu

    • Ang 13th month pay po is a government-mandated benefit so required silang magbigay nyan sa employee regardless if matumal or malakas ang business. Pwede siyang magreklamo sa DOLE, now if iteterm sya ng employer nya then that falls under Illegal Termination pag nangyari talaga na itatanggal sya. Mas malaki babayaran ng employer pag na prove yun sa DOLE.

  2. courier ako.. under ng newly build agency. ang rate namin is 721 included gas/motor/load allowance.. pg my legal holiday, imbes n double pay, ang bnbgy lng smin n rate is 373. so meaning, 721+373=1,094. yan ang nrrcve nmin. tpos pg special naman, yung 30% is s 373 prn nkcompute. so worried lng ako kc bka s 135h month dun dn nla icompute..

  3. my makukuha po b akong 13th month pay nag start po ako ng january 2 nag resign po ako ang last day ko po on september 16

  4. Ang commision basis po ba is entitled sa 13th month pay…policy po ng company “no work no pay”…with daily allowance din po kami pag na meet ang induvidual target quota…

  5. Ask ko po kung may matatanggap din aq ng 13th month pay, Job order lang po status ng work ko at 1year na rin po aq sa work ko

    • Toyota Alabang po ako nagtatrabaho bilang detailer service department mula 2016 up to present at hindi po kami minimum tumatanggap lang po kami nang 300 a day at wla po kami kahit ano benefits paki tulong naman po sir / ma’am kung may karapatan po ba kami magreklamo sana po matulungan nyo po ako. Salamat po

  6. ang total salary po namin per month is 20.000 pero ang nilagay nila sa contrata isa 14.000 pwede po ba namin ipaglaban yung present salary namin kesa sa contrata naming d naman nsusunod thanks sa sagot

  7. sa akin sa cap convention center baguio city, my computation daw sila… rate ko 350/day tas 13th month pay ko 2k plus lang…. kaloka si malou andaya.. my sarili syang computation
    anu ba dapat na 13th month pay…

  8. I resigned from my work last oct 1, 2019 and im work for almost 7 months in online shopping but our company did not pay for our 13month until our site had been closed but they operate in anothet site. Is there possible that the company will pay of our 13 month. Thank you.

  9. My mattangap PO b Ang asawa ko NG 13month pay Kung ung company PO nya mismo Ang ng tanggal s knya s work?

  10. My mattangap PO b Ang asawa ko NG 13monthpay Kung ung company Nia mismo Ang ngtanggal s knya sa work?

  11. Ako po 8yer na yaya wla po ba? Ako 13monthpay kasi semolang nag work ako sa amo k wla ako na tatang gap na 13monthpay bonos lang 2k

  12. 23 years na po ako sa company namin as a pastor pero never pa po kami nakatanggap ng 13th month pay dahil daw sa kami ay volunteer. Ask ko lang po kung exempted po ba kami sa batas na ito. Salamat po

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