Advantages of Having a Fast Internet Connection


These days, internet connectivity is no longer a luxury. With millions of Filipinos connected to the internet on their smartphones, tablets, and computers, a reliable internet connection has become a necessity for us all. It’s every Filipino’s dream to have affordable but fast internet connection. However, with the country’s average speed of just 3.64 Mbps, when the global average broadband download speed is about 23.3 Mbps, it looks like we have a long wait ahead of us. How will our internet experience change when we finally get that fast internet connection? Here are some of them.

Multiple Internet Users at One Go

Multiple devicesIf you have very slow internet, one more person connecting to your network will affect the already slow connection even more. That page you’ve been waiting to finish loading for the last ten minutes will just display an error message, and you will have to wait another ten minutes to view it. But if you have a high speed internet connection, you can stream your favorite show on Netflix while your sister listens to her favorite songs on Spotify. Mom can be watching a YouTube tutorial on how to make spinach artichoke dip, and dad can be downloading large files from his work email. Everyone in the family can use the internet at the same time without a glitch in connection.

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Flawless Streaming

flawless streamingWith a fast internet connection, it’s no longer frustrating to watch a three-minute YouTube video, because the video will no longer pause to buffer. You can binge watch Breaking Bad, Outlander, and Suits online anytime you wish, not just in the early morning when people are asleep and not sharing in the internet connection. You can also get the most out of movie streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and iFlix. You can enjoy uninterrupted viewing whether on your smart TV, smartphone, or tablet. The video will not freeze on you nor will you get disconnected from the site. You can also listen continuously to music streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify and feel like you’re listening offline.

Fast Page Loading

Fast loading pageHow many times have you lost interest in reading a compelling article on Facebook simply because you won’t be able to view the page properly because of your slow internet connection? With a high-speed internet connection, just one click and the page will load right away. When you click on a link, it will take you to the page immediately and you can read the article without staring at the rotating circle on the white screen of your phone. This is also detrimental in doing online transactions such as shopping, paying your bills, or even credit card application. With a fast internet, you won’t worry whether the payment has been processed or the data you have entered have been submitted to their system.

Faster Downloading and Uploading

Fast DownloadYou can quickly download large files from your email, or upload videos to the cloud without any delay. Software updates can be done in minutes. You can also upload photos and videos to Facebook and other photo sharing sites quickly without having to reload the page again and again.

Uninterrupted Video Calls

Video CallVideo calls will no longer be cut off, and videos on your screen will no longer freeze all of a sudden. Video and sound quality will be much better, so you can actually hold meetings, conduct webinars, and do interviews as clearly as when you’re doing them face to face. You can stream live on Facebook and provide the best quality of audio and video to your followers without getting disconnected or interrupted.

Author Bio: Rouselle Isla is a passionate book lover, both the paper and digital kinds. She has been active in content creation and has written several articles for websites such as iMoney Philippines.

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