What’s your Facebook Timeline looks to the Public or Specific Friends

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If you want to check the looks of your Facebook timeline when public or your friends check your profile, you don’t need to use another Facebook account just to check it. You can simply use the view as tool to view your profile like you are viewing as a different person.

This is very useful if you want to check your privacy settings, what your friends are seeing in your personal info, photos, friends list etc.

The tool is available if you’re not using Facebook app, or only if you are using browsers when accessing Facebook.

Still don’t know how to use “View As” tool? I will show you every step to check your profile as different person, see it below.

View Facebook Timeline as specific Friends or as Public

  1. Go to your Facebook profile, click the three dot (…) beside the activity log button, then on the drop down, select “View As…”View Facebook profile as different Person step 1
  2. By default, after you click view as on the drop down, you are viewing your Facebook account as Public or what other people (non-friend) see when they check your profile. If you want to check your profile as specific friends, you can easily enter your friends name, by clicking “View as specific Person” link in the view as toolbar.View Facebook Profile as different person step 2
  3. Enter your friend’s name in the space provided and that’s it, you are now viewing your profile as your friends.View facebook profile as different person step 3

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