Internet Speed Test: How to Test Internet Speed

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Getting a slow internet connection is a frustration, all of us want a decent and reliable connection especially if you’re working.

Some Internet Service Provider (ISP) is giving their subscribers lower bandwidth than what they paid for when they subscribe.

To be certain with your internet speed, better to perform an internet speed test. It’s so easy to test your internet speed. There are so many third party websites where you can perform the test.

Before you test your internet speed, make sure to close all the application that may interfere during the test, also make sure that your internet connection are connected. When all are set to follow the steps below to perform an internet speed test.

  1. Go to this is the most reliable and frequently used internet speed test third party site in terms of accuracy. But there are tons of third party sites, you can find to test your internet speed, but for this tutorial I will use
  2. When the page is fully loaded you will see like the screenshot below, all you have to do is click on the “Begin Test” button. Just a reminder the page surrounded by ads, if you click wrong button you will redirected to sponsors page which will not give you the results.Internet Speed Test Step 1
  3. After you click “Begin Test” button sometimes it will prompt to select a server, just select that closest server to your location and wait until the testing finished.Internet Speed Test Step 2
  4. That’s it, when the test finished, you will see the results with download and upload speed of your connection.

To make sure that you are getting correct output, test your speed using wired connection or with your LAN cable attached. Also perform several test to get a detailed and more accurate results. You can also use other internet testing tools or websites and compare the results.

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