Old and Unused Computer Parts: What to do with them?

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With the start of the booming of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, people started to neglect and to disregard its ancestor – the good old PC or desktop. Some people who have nearly a ton of desktops lying in their homes, just trash it, thinking that it cannot be furnished or utilized for anything more. Some people think outside the box and come up with things that can be beneficial for them by using their old and unused computer parts. In this article, we will be listing down the things you can do in order for you to profit from your old and unused computer and its parts.

Break them apart

If you have some knowledge about technology and computers, then this tip is probably a no-brainer for you. Selling individual parts of your computer can be a bit of a hassle since you should dismantle them first and see if the parts can still function at its best before you go and try to offer people what your computer has.

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Learn the parts first – the drives, the fan, and all other things so that you have an idea how much you can sell these parts for your own good as well.

Sell them at online forums

Forget olx, forget amazon, go on and seek technology forums where people buy old and unused stuff for themselves. Depending on how         useful and updated your parts are, there would be folks who are willing to buy those stuff from you. Go on and join Facebook groups who offer the same thing; go and find out groups who buy these kinds of stuff – just don’t give up in finding the perfect place for you and for your parts.

Join a geek-tech group and see where you can go from there

Every corner of the region, there are hacker groups in our country where they would go and find computer parts for them to innovate and create different pieces for themselves. Aside from these hacker groups, there are also developer wannabes or technology newbies who look for old computer parts to experiment with.

If you are part of the population yourself, then joining these groups might be one of the best decisions for you; who knows, maybe you’ll be able to break in different confidential and high-paying strands and you can then tell that it is your future. But yeah, the best thing is to offer them what you have to offer; negotiate with the price and make cash from trash.

Electronics recycler

Like the places in Gilmore, there are certain electronics recyclers or re-processors to help you with your dilemma. There are shops who buy old and unused computers; computer parts, even dusty hardware for their own benefit.

Try and visit Gilmore to find out more about them.

These are just some of the best tips we compiled for you readers. Before starting, it is best to know the functionalities of each parts if you are down to sell them, the price of each part, and how they function well in a computer.

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