How to make your hobby a living?


As people, we all have hobbies; things that we love doing in our spare time that interest us and entertain us. Even if we do not get anything out of what we love to do, we still do it because we are passionate and fervent about it. But what can you do to have your hobbies earn you some money? Here are some of the things that most people love doing that can turn to gold.

Video Gaming

A lot of people, especially those who were exposed to video games in early stages of their lives developed the love for playing games during their spare time. Little did they know that already a lot of people are making a lot of money by playing video games. One good example is the Youtube sensation Pewdepie who just plays video games on Youtube. He earned about $12M (before taxes, surcharges, and other fees) just by playing video games. So how can you earn money by playing your most favorite games?

Before anything else, make sure that:

  • You have invested well on your craft; a good console or PC with best specs for your gaming.
  • Reflections and thinking strategies are continuously improving.
  • Learn from Pewdepie and other gamers on Youtube on how they do it.

How can you make money out of playing video games?

  • You can test games for development companies and check if there are any problems or glitches.
  • Create walkthroughs and videos in Youtube for other gamers.
  • Make advertisement placements, endorsements, etc.


Writing comes in different forms; you may like to write about history, about technology, lifestyle, travel, fashion and so on. Regardless of what you want to write about, writing or Blogging in the online world can actually make you a living.

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Before starting your own blog, be sure that you:

  • Are an expert on what specific topic you’re writing about
  • Handle the English language with ease to avoid grammatical mistakes and errors.
  • Focus on quality
  • Learn from other bloggers to know strategies and techniques.

You can actually make money through writing by:

  • Affiliate marketing. This is when you refer people to purchase items using the internet.
  • Certain companies like to place ads on famous and well-known websites with a lot of traffic so sign up in ad placements.
  • Content writing is also a thing so some people might want you to write about their stuff and they will pay you for that.


Baking does not necessarily mean that you have to go door-to-door and sell pastry. Online baking is now becoming a big hit and you should be aware of that. If you love creative baking and pastry-making, then you should probably turn that into extra cash. There are certain things you can do to make money out of making sweets.

Before you dive into this business, be sure that you:

  • Have your specialty. Doesn’t matter if it’s gluten-free or custom made cakes, play with your creativity.
  • Learn about different technology that can help you raise your business.
  • Learn from different people; farmers and market for ingredients, online bakers for techniques and strategies.

So how can you make money out of baking?

  • Share photos in your social media sites to showcase your talent and your skills. People will come to you eventually.
  • Start a blog about pastry-making.
  • Start an online bakeshop or you can pitch your craft to local cafés and coffee shops.

Social Media

Almost 4 billion people are on social media and that number is increasing everyday. It paves the reason why earning money on social media is not as hard as it can be. You can be an endorser, or anything in social media and you do not have to be an absolute angel to do this.

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Before starting you need to ensure that you:

  • Have an area of expertise.
  • Keep a restricted and consistent profile and look on your social media accounts.
  • Need to work hard to obtain a number of followers and fans.
  • Follow and patronize other people of the same craft.

You can make money in social media by:

  • Featuring different brands or services in your accounts.
  • Advertise products, merchandise, or services.
  • Affiliate marketing

These are only four (4) of the hobbies that most people do. There are a lot more and you can absolutely turn that into money. You just have to make your creativity run properly and accordingly. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments below.

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