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Facebook has made its name and became the number one social media websites in our time.  With over a billion users, it really reached a lot of homes, minds, and hearts all over the entire globe.  Of course, in order for you to properly access it, you have to have an internet connection because you are going to reach people miles and miles away from you.  But hey, Facebook got a bit of a surprise for you and they made it to a point that they still give you their service even if you do not have enough credits for mobile data or an internet connection itself.  That’s why in this article, we are going to introduce to you Facebook Flex using Smart, Globe, and Talk N’ Text (TNT).

But first, what is Facebook Flex?  Facebook Flex is a Facebook feature that will allow you to use Facebook for free. Yes, you’ve read it right, for FREE.  No data charges, no sudden debts or anything.  All you need is to turn your mobile internet on and that’s it.

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Steps in Registering for Facebook Flex:

  1. You need to send a text message; text FLEXTIME or FLEXIDOL and send it to 3456.
  2. You are going to receive an SMS with the link containing the approval of it. Obviously, it comes from 3456.
  3. Turn your mobile data on. Even if you do not have load/credits, yes that is correct.
  4. Open the link and login your Facebook account or open your Facebook app.

After completing these steps, you can already feel good and say that you have successfully registered for Facebook Flex.  The message that you will get is:

“It’s your time! Mag add ng friends, comment at share or free with FB Flex! I-on lang ang data & click here: No data charges. This message is FREE.”

It is also imperative to know what features you can use with Facebook Flex.  Note that not all features that you use in a normal Wi-Fi setting can be done with Facebook Flex.  In this mode, you can:

  • View your Facebook Feed
  • Comment, like, share, or tag someone in a Facebook Status
  • Message using Facebook’s Messenger
  • Send photos and videos (not too long ones so it won’t take you forever) via Messenger

The only con of this in your normal Facebook experience is that you cannot view, comment, share, like, or tag someone in a Facebook photo/video. 

Initially only Globe offered this kind of promo, where it prompted with a banner switch asking you to use and remove or turn off/disable Facebook Flex while using other applications.  For Sun Cellular subscribers and users, they can still use Facebook Flex (Facebook Zero) for free.  Aside from compatibility and availability of our mobile networks, it can also work on both Android and iOS.

Facebook Flex is one way of giving back to people who are loyal and are continuous users of Facebook even if they do not have sufficient credits.

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