What can technology look like in the future?


With the rapid growing and improvements in technology, it’s not difficult to assume that it can look like unrealistic to some because of how it is studied and how it is projected to be in the coming years; unrealistic to the point that what we see in movies before like holograms and all those kinds of stuff can possibly be true. Having this in mind we beg to know the answer to the question: What can we expect around five to ten years from now with technology?

How the future can absolutely astound us?

The future is the future and it is a guarantee that major improvements will appear. A couple years back, the internet was not even available to us; now almost everyone, even 5-year olds can open Youtube and watch their favorite show. Obviously, people tend to be more literate and understanding of how technology evolves. Maybe, this is because they know that it can make their lives easier no matter who or what you are in life, technology can carry the burden for you.

technoloy look like in the future

What things can we expect to improve?

Technology does not mainly revolve around the things we use like our smartphones, laptops, internet, etc. It also talks about countries trying to improve themselves in ways like architecture, engineering, planning, and stabilizing. Here are few of what we can expect to improve in the coming years:


There are countries whose architecture are starting to look futuristic and advanced because of its composition. We can expect that modern and future architecture is now being planned to be less prone to disasters; we can expect that the engineering and the construction of buildings and establishments will be precise and can weather the storms and tragedies that are ought to come.

Cars and Fuel

Right now, scientists are making ways in order to lessen the dependence of cars from oil and fuel. It is now being studied and in the near future, we might get what we want – an inexpensive way of fueling up our cars that would be both ecosystem friendly and pocket friendly.

Worldwide Technological Interactions

It is no doubt that the way we interact with the world now is awesome; chatting, voice chatting, video chatting, and many more. Since we arrived at this point now, it is safe to assume and conclude that it will be better and more advanced in the coming times. Researchers and developers are coming up with ways on how technology can be improved for satisfaction and utility of its consumers.


There is what we call Nanotechnology nowadays; taken from its term, “nano” means very small, in a microscopic level. Nanotechnology is used for health, in order to monitor and to see what happens inside our bodies either when we are healthy or succumbed by disease. There is what we call a 3-D bio printer where it builds organs cell after cell. Organovo, the company responsible to this astounding innovation, said that arteries, veins, hearts, livers, and other organs will become available in the next 10-12 years.

So as you can see, technology really does make our lives easier and better. Try imagining what kind of life we have without technology now; try imagining what our world would be without technology.

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